What Your Ringtones Say About You

What Your Ringtones Say About You


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You can tell a lot about people by the ringtones they choose. Here, a look at some of the popular ringtones categories and what they just might.

If you choose the ringtone that came with your cellphone…

Individuals who stick with the ringtones that came with their phones are very interested in keeping things the same. They aren’t into taking minor or major risks; in fact, they would prefer that everything remain at the same level. They might not be found jumping out of airplanes, but they also are less likely than others to wind up in the emergency room with a broken leg.

If you choose a popular song for your ringtone…

Those who like ringtones that resemble the music of popular culture are most interested in keeping up with the status quo. They like to be “in” and probably watch all the top rated television reality shows. By playing “hip” music as ringtones, they are basically telling the world that they are “in the know.” Of course, they usually set their ringtones to “loud”; otherwise, they’d never be heard in the disco.

If you choose an old song for your ringtone…

Those who pick ringtones that sound like songs from their youths are very nostalgic. They like talking about “when they were a kid”, and will regale family and friends of stories of when they were youngsters. When their phones ring, their ringtones of choice make them smile as they remember their pasts.

If you choose a popular TV show theme for your ringtone…

Do you find yourself plopped in front of the big screen television every night? If so, your ringtones are probably going to reflect that fact. That way, your ringtones will turn your cellphone into a veritable “conversation piece.” Every time you get a call, you can start a discussion about your fave sitcom or drama.

If you choose a made-up ringtone…

You are undoubtedly an artist if your ringtones were composed by you or a musical friend. Unsatisfied with being “part of the crowd”, you need to stand out from the rest. Thus, you’ve invented your own ringtones. Because you have such an entrepreneurial spirit, you might want to consider selling your ringtones and making a few bucks; but, of course, that would require that you change your ringtones so they don’t sound like anyone else’s.

If you choose no ringtones at all…

It’s not common, but there are those who prefer not to have any ringtones at all. Instead, they set their cell phones to “vibrate” or they simply put them on “silent”. These folks don’t want to be bothered by petty phone calls and instead would prefer to “screen” every call that comes to them. The control these individuals feel over having no ringtones trumps the fact that they could miss an important phone call.

The next time you hear some distinctive ringtones, be sure to pay attention. Those ringtones might just be saying something important about the person carrying the cell phone.

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