Werewolves Of London

Before you change your itinerary and cancel your flight plans, check out what Werewolves of London really is.
Even if London is home to an ancient dungeon and castles, werewolves are not a part of the city’s highlights.

The song, Werewolves of London is a joint composition of Warren Zevon, Waddy Wachtel, and LeRoy Marinell, but is performed by Warren Zevon. Most people would raise their eyebrows at this strange musical piece, but it has actually become memorable because of its morbid yet funny lyrics, with the refrain featuring a werewolves “ahh-ooh”.

Despite some people’s skepticism, Werewolves of London ranked 21st in the 1978 Billboard Hot 100. It is Warren Zevon’s best-ranking single, hanging on to its chart spot for 12 consecutive weeks.

It may not have reached the number one spot, however the song was known because of its cultural impact. The American band, The Grateful Dead even covered the Werewolves of London several times during their concert right after the original track went out. The 1986 movie, The Color of Money also featured the song. Furthermore, the Canadian baseball team, The London Werewolves, was named so because of the song. Eventually, a band, calling itself, Werewolves of London emerged, and around 2003, released their CD which featured a cover of that song.

Werewolves of London continue to be in the limelight, until its first verse got chosen as the top choice for “the greatest opening song line” in 2004. It had another shining moment during the Second Finals Week of the Australian Idol in 2006 when finalist Bobby Flynn did a cover of Werewolves of London. Adam Sandler also did a performance of the song, singing and guitar-playing, when he appeared on the David Letterman Show.

The song’s artist, Warren Zevon, went through several of life’s up and downs before he got to be the famous person behind Werewolves of London. A look at his upbringing, as well as his career early on would explain his peculiar style of writing. But even if Werewolves of London has gotten several criticisms, it has now earned a spot in the international music scene.

The frightening lyrics of the song may not exactly be apt to every person’s taste, but admittedly, it has won the hearts of many. So even if critics will continue to doubt or scrutinize the meaning of the song, it has already earned its share of glory. And definitely, “aahh-oohh” never sounded that great.

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