Watch Will Ferrell Channel Harry Styles In A Cut-For-Time SNL Sketch About A Cut-For-Time SNL Sketch

A couple of weeks ago, Harry Styles pulled double duty as both host and musical guest of Saturday Night Live. Last week, Will Ferrell hosted, and he performed a sketch about Will Ferrell performing a cut-for-time sketch originally written for Harry Styles (“Will Ferrell, always competitive, said ‘If Harry Styles can do it, so can I. After all, I was doing sketch comedy when Harry was just a fetus in his mom’s butt.’”). The sketch, ironically, was cut for time.

In the sketch, a group of girls at the mall — played by Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, and Kate McKinnon — lust after English Kevin, the hot English teen who transferred to their school. English Kevin has a body that’s “smooth and young like a baby seal, but with abs” and “sings like an angel and dances like the devil himself.” And yes, English Kevin is played by Will Ferrell with fake tattoos and a fake accent, wearing Harry Styles’ clothes and singing One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” Watch below.

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