Watch The Pathway To Paris Earth Day 50 Livestream With Cat Power, Michael Stipe, Patti Smith, & More

The 50th annual Earth Day took place on Wednesday of last week, but the celebration of our planet is not over yet. Today, Pathway To Paris — a charity founded by Patti Smith’s daughter — is hosting a livestream over on Instagram Live. It’ll be happening from 4PM to 8PM EST over on Instagram Live, and Patti Smith, Cat Power, Michael Stipe, Flea, Jim Jarmusch, Tony Hawk, Johnny Depp, Rain Phoenix, Nikolai Fraiture, and more will be on-hand to perform.

“As humanity faces an unknown future, we must recognize the fact that we simply cannot go back to our behavior from before. Both as individuals and as a globe, we are in a time of reflection, and now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to make great change,” an announcement about the event reads. “Climate change is a global concern, and we have seen with Covid-19 what can happen when the world truly works together to come up with solutions in a time of crisis.”

You can watch the event here on the Instagram app and check out the schedule below.

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