Watch She & Him’s Socially Distant Cover Of The Beach Boys’ “Darlin’”

People should talk about Wild Honey more. When whatever latest exploration of the great albums of the ’60s happens, you can expect certain recurring names — Pet Sounds, naturally, always high on the list. And while it’s not as if Wild Honey is some lost cult classic, it gets unfairly overshadowed by Pet Sounds’ admittedly/justifiably rather long shadow. Wild Honey is basically jams front to back; it’s one of the most endlessly enjoyable ’60s albums I can think of.

“Darlin’” is one of those jams, and probably the most well-known track off of the album. And judging by their new She & Him cover of the song, Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward are at least two people thinking about Wild Honey. Deschanel and Ward, like everyone else, are at home and had to put the cover together remotely. But it’s a bit more of a production than most of the quarantine livestreams/Instagram covers/etc. that we’ve been seeing. In fact, there are multiple M. Wards and Zooey Deschanels in the video, playing their different parts and harmonizing; it makes me think of a scenario in which coronavirus is not only causing all of us to exist in lockdown but also causing a tear between multiple realities and thus giving us multiple iterations of She & Him. Wouldn’t that be something.

Check out the video below.

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