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All over the world, people associate the word “soccer” with wonderful memories and breathtaking excitements. Who can blame them? The game of soccer has filled various amounts of excitements and thrills throughout its history. At present, in almost all over the world, soccer fanatics, enthusiasts and even individuals who just started to love the game soccer are glued to the World Cup Finals.
But who could not ignore these songs and chants of the fans on the soccer stadium? In almost all popular soccer tournaments and competitions, soccer songs and chants are always present. Whenever the fans wanted the team that they are supporting to raise their energy levels, they would all cheer and sing soccer songs for them. It is nice to fans going gaga if the team that they are cheering for score a goal. Amidst the roaring noise you could not brush aside fan’s singings of the soccer songs for their team. You would even sing along with the crowd if you were in the stadium yourself.
There are also some soccer songs that made it in the United Kingdom’s top charts. If you want to know what the most popular soccer songs are, just log in on the internet. There are lots of soccer related websites on the internet that features soccer songs of some soccer teams and soccer tournaments and competitions. Here is a list of those websites found on the internet:
Wanadoo (
Wanadoo has a large compilation of lyrics of soccer songs and soccer chants. These soccer songs and soccer chants are compiled from various stands of professional football teams all over Europe. Wanadoo also encourage soccer fans and enthusiasts to submit soccer songs and soccer chants.
Soccer Nova (
Soccer Nova has a list of soccer songs and their respective artist. The website used to have these soccer songs available for download. However the songs are now removed from the website’s database. You can only view the list of these popular soccer songs and their respective artists.
Soccer Jokes (
Soccer Jokes does not only have lots and lots of funny soccer jokes, Soccer Jokes also has a large collection of soccer chants and songs of English soccer teams, Scottish soccer teams and National soccer teams of England and Scotland. It also has soccer quotations, anecdotes, limericks and girls and women in the sport soccer.
Amazon (
Amazon has lots of popular soccer music products that are available online. Amazon also has lots of soccer related products up for grabs.

Some of these soccer songs and chants contain offensive and bad language. Some of these have sexist, racist, nationalistic, violent and insulting lyrics. The readers are advised not to proceed or discontinue reading if they think they might be offended with these songs.

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