Review 2012: The Deaths We Mourned In 2012

??Review 2012: The Deaths We Mourned In 2012

Death like taxes is inevitable. They come when you least expect it. Death is ordinary to ordinary folks but it takes a different shape when it happens to a celebrity. This year, had its share of notable celebrity deaths—that stirred some interest in people everywhere. While ordinary people treat death as time of mourning, celebrity deaths in 2012 saw people scampering for answers to mysteries that could well be buried with the late celebrity’s mortal remains.
The world lost some great people in 2012; some of them caused shockwaves that reverberated all over the world. The world lost some of the great entertainers, the first man on the moon and celebrities that touched the lives of a lot of people. 2012 saw the demise of people that has touched lives and also saw the end of troubled celebrity lives.
Let us take a look at the notable celebrity deaths in 2012, which has shaped the interest landscape of people around the world.
Neil Armstrong. Perhaps, no death in the year was grieved by more than three generations than this. Our grandparents remember him well, and so did our parents. While today’s generation, he’s a favorite person in modern history and so was his death a mark. Neil Armstrong would be remembered as the first man that landed on the moon. Armstrong is a fitting reminder that anything can be possible as long man has the passion and the will to achieve the impossible.
Sally Ride. Similarly, another death was someone who had to do with the venture to outer space. Sally Ride was the first American woman in space. She embodied the spirit of feminism when she went to space in 1983 during the height of the Space Shuttle missions. She died of pancreatic cancer and was 61.
Andy Williams. Speaking of man on the moon, Andy Williams will forever be remembered for his classic hit Moon River. He remained faithful to his craft until he succumbed to bladder cancer at age 84.
Jerry Nelson. His name may not sound familiar to you but he was the voice behind the muppet that probably taught you how to count when you were small. Nelson was known as the voice of the Count on Sesame Street.
Tony Scott. Hollywood and filmmaking was at a loss when his death was announced. Tony Scott was the master behind the great action flicks such as Top Gun and Crimson Tide. Scott took his own life as a note was found by the police in his car.
Michael Clark Duncan. Remember that gentle giant on an epic Tom Hanks movie? Or that loud, gregarious actor in Apocalypse with Ben Affleck akd Bruce Willis? Well, that’s Michael Clark Duncan who was best remembered for this defining role in the Green Mile, Daredevil and Armageddon. He was casted more because of his large frame and deep voice. He died two months after suffering from a heart attack he was 54.
Nora Ephron. To the people who loved Sleepless in Seattle and the iconic movie When Harry met Sally should thank Nora Ephron. She was one of the few people who knew the true identity of Deep Throat, the guy that spilled the beans on the Watergate. She was 71.
Robin Gibb. The music industry and millions of fans from across the globe and three generations mourned the death of another BeeGees. Robin Gibb was part of the popular British ban BeeGees who was formed together with his siblings. He lost his prolonged battle against cancer and was 62.
Donna Summer. Everyone’s mom would definitely remember the disco queen – and probably sang more than two of her songs after her death. Donna Summer was one of the Disco-era’s hit makers. She won the Grammy five times and was the first artist to have three consecutive double albums to reach no. 1 in the Billboard charts. She was 63.
Dick Clark. Dick Clark was the fixture in New Yorks New Year’s Eve party and the founder of the American Bandstand TV show. He died due to heart surgery complications at the age of 82.
Whitney Houston. The death of Whitney Houston was perhaps the biggest celebrity passing of 2012. Her demise launched countless tributes including a tribute episode by the hit TV series-musical Glee. She hugged the headlines due to her substance abuse before she died. Houston died at the age of 48 due to apparent drowning.

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