Playstation 3, Your All-In-One Media and Gaming Center

Playstation 3, Your All-In-One Media and Gaming Center

Most people who buy gaming consoles today are really just looking for one thing, playing games.
Sure we know that consoles have done plenty of stuff besides playing games for a long time (DVDs, music, etc…) but when it comes down to it, you don’t really think of the other things a console can do when you’re shopping around. This is where the PS3 stands out when you compare it to other consoles, it’s a great gaming platform and it has tons of features beyond what you might expect from your average game console. The PS3 is literally an entire media and entertainment center on top of being a gaming console. Here, let me give you an idea of what it has to offer:

The Playstation 3 has hands down the highest quality video capabilities out of any of today’s consoles. It has a built in Blu-Ray/DVD player and that’s just for physical video discs. The Playstation 3 also has a massive internal hard drive with 20 GB on the low end of earlier models and up to a whopping 320GB (upgradeable, mind you) which means you’ve got plenty of space for digital downloads of movies, music videos, game trailers, and any other video content you can think of. Add to that the ability to stream online media through Netflix and sites like YouTube and you’ve got a one stop shop for all your movie needs.

Another great function the PS3 has in its arsenal is its connectivity with other devices. Your PS3 can connect to any PC or laptop on the same network which means you can stream any digital media you have on your computer’s hard drive through the PS3 onto your TV. Music, movies, photos, you name it. If you have a computer (or multiple computers) with media on it on the same network then you can stream it straight through to your TV. The PS3’s media playing and streaming capabilities pretty much replaces the need for any other media devices, leaving you with more space in your living room and more money in your pocket.

Besides having tons of non-gaming media, the Playstation 3 is at its core, obviously, a gaming system. However there’s a lot more to the games the Playstation 3 can play besides its standard Playstation 3 software. Through the Playstation Network, you get access to literally hundreds of digital titles available for download and a library of games that is expanding every day. Sony has released information that they will be expanding into the territory of indie games, giving PS3 owners a chance to try the all kinds of new and upcoming games from a wide variety of independent publishers and companies. If you’re a classic Playstation fan then you’re also in luck due to the PS3’s backwards compatibility to PS1 games. So if you’re looking for a console that does it all and then some, then your best bet is the Playstation 3’s wide array of features and its comprehensive gaming experience.

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