Music Sharing Program

Music Sharing Program


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I warned my husband at least thirty times. He didn’t listen and I lost an entire day of work because of it. He knew that the music sharing program we had on our computer was not safe, but he thought he would luck out. He is in a band, and sometimes he downloads a song just long enough to learn it, then he deletes it. I know that most of the files you get from such a program are usually either full of viruses or adware. He thought that he was safe, but I knew better. Sure enough, last week, he downloaded me a lovely virus that brought my day to a standstill.

The music sharing program itself is safe, but when you download something from someone else’s computer, you are opening yourself up to get just about anything. You aren’t getting just the song in most cases, because some of the songs have nasty little surprises in them. We got a pretty nasty virus that started planting programs around my computer, and it also stopped my antivirus program from uploading. I knew it has to have come from the music sharing program, even though my husband swore he wasn’t using it any longer.

I had had a headache, and I laid down for a few hours. During this time he reloaded the music sharing program, got a few songs, and then uninstalled it, hoping I wouldn’t find out. When I got on the computer I noticed that my user account said that new software had been installed but I couldn’t find anything. I looked in our recycle bin on the computer and saw the music sharing program sitting there. He wasn’t covering his tracks very well.

I had to get a new antivirus program to clean my computer, and when the list of viruses came up, all but one of them were known to be passed along via a music sharing program. He didn’t even argue with me when I got upset with him, and he said that would be the last time he tried it. I guess some people have to get the bad virus before they get smart about a music sharing program. When you download from them, you are giving someone free access to your computer. That’s never a wise decision. We got off lucky with just a few viruses actually, as it could have been a lot worse.

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