Music Downloading and MP3 Players

Music Downloading and MP3 Players


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What are they and how do they work? Here are a few thoughts on the subject of Mp3 players.
MP3 is a compressed music file. It is an encoded wave file and has almost the same sound quality as an audio CD. The size of the file is much smaller allowing more room for music.
They are legal when the song?s copyright holder has given permission to download and play the song. You can legally encode MP3’s for personal use but it is illegal to trade or distribute MP3’s without permission from the song?s copyright holder.
There are sites you can join for a fee. Some sites require a fee per download and by doing this you are legally downloading music.
Almost any kind of music is available for the MP3 player. Look around at various sites and decide which one is best for you. You can review the sites before joining and see which one fits best with your musical tastes and budget.
Try one of these sites: NetMp3Music, has good music and movie sources or Real Rhapsody which is completely legal and has a free 14 day trial. Napster has been redone and features over 1,000,000 legal downloads. Other choices are MP3 Advance or FileSharing Center.
When it comes to MP3 players you also have many choices. Some of the top players are: Apple iPod MP3 Player, Creative MP3 Player, Philips MP3 Player, iRiver MP3 Player, Dell Pocket DJ, Dell DJ 20, and Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox.
It is very convenient to own an MP3 player because of it?s size and the quantity of music that can be stored. You can arrange the music for work-outs, meditation, running or any other activity that you want. An MP3 player helps you to eliminate songs you don?t wish to have from a CD. You can choose one song from a CD or six, whichever you like and in any order. There are many songs that can be downloaded from the internet and added to your collection.
If you love music and want to be able to take it with you conveniently, check out the MP3 players, there?s one that right for you as well as legal downloading sites you will enjoy.

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