MP3 – a Worldwide Mania

MP3 – a Worldwide Mania


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Who is the one who had never downloaded a song from the Internet? Although companies try to prohibit or simply prevent people from downloading, MP3 download is a reality: MP3 is there, at anyone’s disposal. All that people need is a computer and a connection.
All this concern about this type of download has to do – of course – of how much money the music industries are not earning. Besides, there is risk of piracy. Studies suggest that piracy – the practice of building CDs or DVDs with no permission of the owner’s – has increased a lot in the past few years. Music companies and artists blame the possibility to download their songs or videos from Internet.
The possibility of downloading the most different types of music from the farthest parts of the world is not like a one-way street. Although some companies have fought to forbid the MP3 free download – alleging that this type of procedure reduces their profits – there is the other hand of the process. If those free downloads reduce music industries’ profits, it also makes heir songs famous. It puts songs that are not played by the regular radio stations in the media. And they cannot complain at that.
There are already some laws that protect the copyrights of the composer’s or music band’s. These laws usually keep their eyes on websites and software that guarantee free MP3 download. For the specialists, these websites and software are the most probable to be breaking the law.
However, it is not that websites that charge people a fee in order to download their songs are not breaking the law. They also may be breaking the law. Nevertheless, they are less probable to be doing so.
The laws and the companies of the music business requires that a website or software must have a previous authorization from the company in order to put MP3 music formats available for download.
Magazines and websites – the reliable ones – in general places the top 10, 25, 50 or 100 download of the week or of the month, depending on how up-to-dated is the website. And you can take a look ate the top 10 list of two reliable websites sites.

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