Making The Most Of Motown: Discover Detroit

Making The Most Of Motown: Discover Detroit

Take a bite into a slice of classic American culture by traveling to Detroit.
This modern metropolis boasts some of the most influential movements in American musical culture, civil rights, manufacturing and architecture. Once you find the cheapest airfare to Detroit that suits your plans, you’ll be gazing at the magical cityscape of Motown from the lively waterfront of Detroit River.

Detroit Keeps Dropping the Beats

Motor Town, as Detroit became known due to the early automotive industry based here, was also the home of blues, jazz and the roots of modern hip hop. Motown Records emerged in Detroit, giving rise to such artists as Aretha Franklin and The Temptations. There are numerous jazz clubs throughout the city that evoke the atmosphere of Detroit’s early musical explorations.

Detroit is also known as the birthplace of Techno. Inspired producers and musicians continue to bend the musical curve electronically in the bass-pounding clubs of Detroit’s hyperactive nightlife. Notably, Detroit hosts an International Jazz Festival, Electronic Music Festival, Motor City Music Festival, and hip hop’s Summer Jamz Music Festival. Book your airfare to Detroit on one of these festival weekends and you will certainly be in for a real taste of Motown’s musical enthusiasm.

Deco, Design and Drama

Detroit offers world class theaters, museums and sporting events as well is insight into the development of the United States through the Industrial Era. Henry Ford established his now essential assembly-line production to create America’s first mass produced motor vehicle, the Model T. Throughout the 1920s and 30s, now-historic skyscrapers were constructed in the cutting edge Art-Deco design in contrast with the classical style represented in nation’s first Fox Theater and the Opera House.

Built in 1928, the Fisher building is the most notable among early Art-Deco skyscrapers as it was also the home of the Fisher Brothers’ automotive industry and today is referred to as “Detroit’s largest art object.” In stark contrast, the colossal Renaissance Center soars in unmistakable post modern design along Detroit’s International Riverfront, boasting 5.5 million square feet of office space, hotel towers and restaurants. Travel to Detroit to witness first hand the truly remarkable skyline spanning architectural generations. Stop by the Detroit Historical Society and Museum for a complete history of the mansions, skyscrapers and religious buildings and map out your sightseeing efficiently.

Whether you fancy sports, theater, art, dining or rocking music, Detroit is a special piece of the American pie that has it all and more. Make your way to Michigan and explore the hidden corners of a city deeply entrenched in the many progressive movements and industrial developments of the 20th century.

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