Hohner Accordions

Hohner Accordions

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Hohner is basically a company well-known for its high quality accordions. Based on the company’s history, the first model of Hohner accordion was designed and manufactured in 1893, when the original founder Matthias Hohner passed away. His sons were the ones who decided to expand the company to include the manufacture of a new reed instrument, the accordion. Since then, Hohner quickly built a parallel reputation for excellence, and they have been well-known as a top accordion maker due to their string dedication to quality that continues up to these days.

Well, for nearly a century, it has been noted that the world’s top musicians have revered the unique sound of Hohner accordions. Speaking of “Hohner sound”, for which the company’s accordions are acclaimed, it is noted that it originates from the responsive and precisely tuned Hohner reed, as well as from the resonant construction of the woodwork. It has also been claimed that shortly after the company started manufacturing Hohner accordions, such distinct sound launched the company’s accordion to the top of the international market. It is where the Hohner accordions continue to be the world’s leading brand.

There are specifically two types of Hohner accordions: the Diatonic and Piano accordions. In terms of Diatonic accordions, there are about 13 Hohner accordion models in the current list. These include the HA-3522 Corona II Classic, HA-35 Corona II, Corona III, HA-3100 Panther, HA-2815, HA-3000 Erica, HA-1600 Corso, Double Ray, HA-114, 3002 and 3002B Ariette, and D40 Concertina. Of these Diatonic Hohner accordion models, the Corono II top the list and has in fact became an official Classic. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that the Corono II is capable of giving you the full resonant sound you should expect from Hohner, as well as a celluloid covered, wood keyboard, double strap brackets, improved bellow straps, and a lot more.

In the Piano Hohner accordions, five groups or series are now available. These include the Morino Piano models, Amica Series, New Bravo Series, Hohnica Accordions, and the Nova Series Chromatic Accordions. Of these series, it is the Morino Piano models that have been world acclaimed as the best Piano Hohner accordions on the market.

Today, these models of Hohner accordions are sold worldwide with aluminum framed plastic carrying case, at reasonable prices. However, the prices may vary depending on the suggested retail. Therefore, it is necessary to contact your local music dealer for consumer pricing in your area.

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