Foreseen – “Infiltrator”

These days, a whole lot of really great bands have been exploring the sound of late-’80s crossover thrash — the moment where the hardcore and metal undergrounds sort of put their heads down, charged at each other, and briefly fused into one concussed whole. Power Trip, Red Death, Dead Heat, Enforced, Take Offense — they’re all making some version of crossover thrash, and they all absolutely whup ass. Let’s now take a moment to add the Finnish band Foreseen to that list.

Foreseen come from Helsinki, and they specialize in an especially frantic and lo-fi take on that old careening-knucklehead sound. They’ve been putting out music since 2010, and they’ve got two albums to their name, 2015’s Helsinki Savagery and 2017’s Grave Danger. Next month, they’ll release a 7? with two new songs, “Infiltrator” and “Wide Awake Nightmare.”

Foreseen have shared “Infiltrator,” and it’s a wild, feral sprint with a few triumphant guitar-solo moments and a couple of deeply satisfying gang-chant eruptions. Clicking through the band’s previously unknown-to-me records, “Infiltrator” is actually relatively slow, to the extent that clicking play does not make me feel like I’m having a heart attack. Still, “Infiltrator” makes me want to throw my desk chair through my office window. It rips real hard. You can listen to it below, via No Echo.

The “Infiltrator” b/w “Wide Awake Nightmare” 7? is out 11/15, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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