Flogging Molly Tickets – See Emerging Celtic Punk Stars Live

Flogging Molly Tickets – See Emerging Celtic Punk Stars Live

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Anyone who’s used Flogging Molly tickets understands that this is a band whose influences incorporate a wide range of styles, genres and sounds. Flogging Molly is also a band that’s continuing to gain notice in the music world with their incredible live shows, and their on-stage persona was earned the hard way. A look at this relatively new band’s ascent should help fans gain an understanding of where they could be headed in the future.

Early Beginnings

The band really didn’t even start as an official “band” in the sense that the two original members, Dave King and Bridget Regan, were two friends who simply enjoyed listening to and playing Irish music. They realized after jamming together for awhile that they were getting to be pretty good, so they decided to take their show public.

It wasn’t long before they were earning their on-stage stripes by playing live gigs at a series of Irish bars in Southern California, and there were more than a few times when a generally intoxicated crowd would heckle them mercilessly for their apparent attempts to copy the music of Ireland.

People soon realized, however, that this was no “classic” Irish band, as there was a definite influence of punk rock on their style and resulting sound. They always stayed true to their roots, however, and even named themselves after Molly Malone’s an Irish pub in Los Angeles.

New Success

As the band continued to play and to garner a loyal following, Flogging Molly tickets became a hot item, as their shows were always intense and loud. This newfound following led to a demand for albums, and the band got to work in the studio in the late 1990’s. Their first album, released in 1997, Alive behind the Green Door, was not a commercial success, but was met with acceptance by critics and their cult-like following.

Subsequent albums enjoyed a higher degree of commercial success, but Flogging Molly has always been about their “base” of fans who have enjoyed their style from the beginning. They are starting to appear on larger touring shows, and their sound continues to transform with the times.

Although Flogging Molly’s influences were and remain acts such as Their music is influenced by such bands as The Pogues, Dubliners, Stiff Little Fingers and even the country sound of Johnny Cash, they continue to search for new sounds and styles to add to their already-impressive repertoire.

If you want a night of lively, festive and celebratory Irish rock and roll, secure Flogging Molly tickets for a night to remember.

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