Fender Strat. – A Piece of Magic

Fender Strat. – A Piece of Magic

One of the most popular guitars today and one of the best is the Fender Stratocaster. It has been around for years and has established a well known reputation for having an original sound and been great to play. Many top guitarists of the past and present played Strats – Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer, Buddy Guy, the list goes on and on. All of these artists have that beautiful tonal sound of a Strat but when you hear each one, you can tell the difference between them, and that’s the beautiful thing. The Fender Strat gives you such originality while having that beautiful tonal sound no other guitar has.
The secret to that great sound that the Strats have is in the single coil pickups, the wood of the guitar and the way the body of the guitar is put together (2 sections). The combination of these 3 things put together is one of a kind, that guitarist have come to love right from the beginning of the Strats birth.
Although Strats are centered around a standard setup. There are lots of additional models that slightly differ and in-turn slightly change the sound of the guitar. This is great because it offers guitarists the chance to find that desirable sound that they have always wanted. To go one step further a lot of big name guitarist that play Strats get fender to make them a custom model just for them on specifications that they want so they can come up with the ultimate and perfect sound for them. These guitars are also available to the public to buy and are deemed signature models. If you desire a sound from one of these top quality guitarist than you can have it by buying a signature model which emulates the exact sound that artist has.
If you are thinking of buying a Strat I highly recommend to you that you go and try out as many different models that you can. Most people buy the standard USA Strat but this may not be for you, you may want something slightly different with a few different changes to the standard. Another thing I wish to point out is that when you try out a Strat, it is important play it through a quality amp, i.e. a fender twin amp. This is because if you try out guitars (great ones and poor ones) though a cheap and poor amp than the guitar will sound bad and disgusting. The rule when buying a guitar or any musical instrument is to try out many different types of that instrument as possible, this is the only way to properly find out what guitar suits you best.

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