Erika de Casier – “Drama”

Erika de Casier released her debut album, Essentials, in 2019 and a few months ago she announced her signing to 4AD with the single “No Butterflies, No Nothing.” Today, she’s back with another new track, “Drama,” which is shadowy and shuffling and immaculately produced, tendrils of guitar and beats flitting around the Copenhagen-based artist’s voice. “I wrote you twice last night, wish that I could rewind,” de Casier sings on it. “Take back whatever I said, but I can’t do that.”

The track comes with a self-directed music video. “I wanted to create a sort of evil twin or alter ego of myself because you’re not entirely yourself when you’re in the violence of your own emotions,” she said of it in a statement.

Watch and listen below.

“Drama” is out now via 4AD.

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