Dish Network Deals – What’s the Best TV Package For You?

Dish Network Deals – What’s the Best TV Package For You?

You’ve already come to the conclusion that satellite tv is the best way to go, but what Dish Network deals are there, and what’s right for you? This artic le will talk about what packages exist, and options, to help you choose the right package for you.
America’s Top 60 ( Entry Level Package ) – $31.99/month
This basic package is the most economical of all the Dish Network deals. Comparable to basic cable package, but for around $10/month less, this package gi ves you a lot of great tv for the price. For the sports fans, you can even add a $5.99/month option to get 30+ sports channels added to this package. Thi s package includes ALL local channels along with 60 favorites, such as ALL local channels, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Home & Garden Channel, ESPN , ABC Family, CNBC, Court TV, and a host of others.
America’s Top 120 ( Mid-Level Package ) – $42.99/month
This mid-level package is the best bang-for-your-buck out of all the Dish Network deals. It includes all of the America’s Top 60, along with many more cha nnels, with quite a huge chunk of them sports channels. This package includes ALL local channels along with 120 favorites, such as F/X, Soapnet, Tech T V, Toon Disney, American Movie Classics, The Speed Channel, Turner Classic Movies, 30+ music channels, and 30+ sports channels. If you’re a sports fan
this is the package for you.
America’s Top 180 ( Top-Level Package ) – $52.99/month
Out of all the Dish Network deals, this is what I consider the music package.
This package includes ALL local channels along with 180 favorites, such a s Discovery Kids, Encore, National Geographic Channel, Nicktoons, The Golf Channel, Action Westerns, The Movie Channel, and another 15+ music channels givi ng you a total of 45+ music channels. This is an incredible package for those who love music. All music types, all the time.
America’s Everything Pak ( Everything under the sun) – $86.99/month
This is the ultimate out of the Dish Network deals, the movie-lovers package. You get all the channels above, along with 4 preimum packages: Showti me Unlimited, HBO The Works, Multimax from Cinemax, and Starz Encore Super Pak(totalling 2000+ movies a month). For the movie lover, this means there are 75 movies a day to choose from, or 3 per hour.
There are many, many options for you to get the best Dish Networks deals. In fact, you can make your own custom package to enhance these Dish Networks dea ls. Many people love the entry-level package, America’s Top 60, because you get way more channels than basic cable, at more than $10/month savings. $120/year savings and more channels than cable to boot, sounds like a win-win situation. The only hard part is with so many packages, which one fits you best.

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