Digital Music

Digital Music

Where there is a celebration, there is music. Where there is music, there is joy. The simplicity of music therapy to create joy or other moods is one of the easiest ways of controlling the mood of yourself, of a party, of a nightclub or of a concert. Musical tempo can create different brain wave states from increased energy to calmness, to relaxation to the higher genius states of super memory and accelerated learning.
One of the greatest challenges in Life, as Human Beings, is to gracefully direct our energy levels at particular times of our artificial 24 hour cycle, we call a day. How to get ourselves motivated to feel awake & accomplish conscious activity, then relax ourselves to regroup & sleep, as well as the awareness states in between, to achieve the levels of knowing, bodily ease & learning memory, without too much artificial help is the daily challenge we all face. The Studio’s 7 THEME songs are all designed at 7 various tempos for 7 different brain wave states of consciousness from BETA to THETA.
Digital Music presents the light hearted musical mottos & messages of goodwill and enjoy & use these songs to practice joyously peaceful patience if it goes astray. These songs are designed to increase the graceful harmony within the individual, through the awareness of joyously peaceful patience, so the individual may have the privilege of creating more constant graceful harmony in their personal daily life, to enable them to share graceful harmony with others & our environment.
Dr. Julie invites everybody to be nourished in Spirit, mind & body – by GETTING IN TUNE with the natural creative, phi harmonic flow & pattern of Life with the help of the “The Living Riches of the Wealth of Harmony.”
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