Daily Discovery: Purr Mixes Folk and Flare with Adventure-Track, “Avenue Bliss”

With a sound that is reminiscent of a 1960’s folk group like The Mamas & The Papas, New York City duo Purr is honoring the organic genre of American Folk while putting their own unique twist on it. Eliza Barry Callahan and Jack Staffen’s musical career is one that’s young, yet it is one that has already seen some success, with singles “Bad Advice,” “Painted Memory,” and “Gates of Cool” notched in their belts. They’re going to add to this with their debut album, ‘Like New.’ To keep fans busy ahead of the Feburary 21st release date, they have decided to release “Avenue Bliss.”

Released on January 21st, “Avenue Bliss” is a track that came from their soul, a rule they always try to follow. “We don’t set out to write a song with “because.” We’re always just following an emotion at a given moment or telling a story or a small piece of one.” Writing is often a very “spur of the moment” sensation, one that Callahan and Staffen practice often. “I write my best when I have to run out the door to be somewhere else and end up not giving way to the idea, and being late…or maybe not showing up at all.” Although they call the Big Apple home, they did some of the song’s fine tuning on the West Coast with Jonathan Rado in Los Angeles.

Ultimately, Purr wants fans to experience the adventure that the track embodies. “Avenue Bliss” was the last song we wrote on the album. It’s about power and presence and having no words left—and then having that dust clear. The beginning of the song is like an ending and the end, hopefully, like a new beginning… we tried to mirror this in the arrangement too. You’ll see. It’s an adventure track. Self-adventure, the worst and best kind.

This song is just a sliver of what the album will entail. It’s about a certain revival that many of us could use as we work our way through the new year. This represents the duos career and will continue to do so as long as they produce music. As young songwriters, learning to be able to go through a rebirth every so often is key. To stay up to date on Purr and their journey, visit them on purrband.com.

“Avenue Bliss” is available on streaming sites everywhere today!

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