Choosing the Right Wedding Music

Choosing the Right Wedding Music

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Music is important in our life. The wedding music is an essential part for a successful wedding arrangement, both during the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. Music is all about feelings and a wedding represents the greatest of all our feelings; love. The music you choose should therefore reflect this. Here are some tips you can use when you choose music for your wedding.
The arrival of the wedding guests
Live music or pipe in music should be played while guests arrive. The purpose is to relax the atmosphere and make it cosy for the guests. For this purpose slow, smooth instrumental music like cool smooth jazz can be selected. Once as the guests arrive, one or two solo’s should be performed. Songs like “I will always love you” and Baccarach songs like “The look of love” or “This Guy/Girl’s in love with You” might be a good choice.
The Wedding Ceremony
Trumpet sounding when bride is ready to enter.
“Trumpet Voluntary” or “Trumpet Tune and Air” (Henry Purcell) would be great or even the traditional “Here comes the Bride” by Wagner. During ceremony, one wonderful song should be performed for example “You are my Everything”. Remember too much music could tire the guests, and make for a lengthy ceremony.
The Wedding Reception
At Reception, choose a great song to walk in on when announced to the guests. Married couple must choose their first dance song which can be slow and romantic or wild and crazy. This is their “special” song. Live DJ’d music is a plus especially if the DJ has good talking skills. This can keep the reception exciting and guests will have a great time, a time remembered for years to come. A nice touch is a song dedicated to the families of the Bride and Groom by the Bride and Groom.
The Wedding Wrap up
One last song just for the Bride and Groom before they leave and followed by at least 15 – 20 minutes of relaxing instrumental music for guests to settle down before they leave.

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