CD Duplication And DVD Duplication

?CD Duplication And DVD Duplication

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Some people make audio recordings of their church choir and want to share the sounds with friend and family, and every member of the choir.
They want to have the compact disc (CD) or in some cases DVD duplicated by a professional, and get a label placed on it that will commemorate the event in some small way.

There are many duplication businesses that will be happy to transfer files onto compact discs and dvds, and edit the contents so that it fits on the disc. These services are not offered when compact discs are replicated because the product is in the conception stage and the replication services stick strictly to creating masters and pressing out originals, and professionally printing images on CD’s. They also professionally package the product and shrink wrap it so it can be placed on store shelves ready for customers to purchase.

Other people have a large collection of songs that they have created on their own talent, and many of these people want to send them to record producers in the hope of being heard. Sending a cd or dvd that is hand made and labeled with black marker sounds and looks totally unprofessional. To get a break in the music industry, it is important to present a professional product and people will choose to get their music duplicated onto Cd or DVD by a professional.

A professional can offer the artist two choices. They can replicate the music onto a glass master and press the music into the compact discs/ dvds, or they can digitally transfer the music onto a cd / dvd using state of the art industrial duplicators. The packaging selected for each option is different too, but the end result will be a digitally recorded song that is beautifully done, printed and packaged.

Many people will also duplicate their DVD collections because they do not want the originals scratched or broken from continual use. They will take their DVD collections to a DVD duplication service with a short turn around time who will have copies made of their collection. The copies will be professionally done but are not the quality grade that is found in a DVD that would be sold at a music store. HOwever, more and more businesses now offer commercial quality DVD duplication services to the genral public.

The artwork for the CD and DVD duplication process will normally be done using inkjet printers. The customer can choose if they want peel off labels that contain photographs that were printed by a home printer or if they present the required artwork they can usually get the duplication business to print to the DVD at time of pressing. The client makes the decision on the artwork, and the style of lettering, and the end product is printed off on a digital printer and transferred to the cd or dvd when it is duplicated.

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