Amazon Review – The Apple iPod Classic

Amazon Review – The Apple iPod Classic

This new flexible iPod classic comes with a great storage with a similar compact size which makes it convenient and handy. Apple iPod classic is available in striking black or quintessential silver. The iPod classic has reduced its impact on the environment a sit embodies the continuance of environmental progress like having a BFR-free, PVC-free, mercury-Free, Arsenic-Free and is highly recyclable stainless steel and aluminum enclosure. Its design is anodized sleek aluminum along with other features which are the genius playlists and cover flow in making a perfect playlist. You can also rent a film from iTunes and watch it anytime you want.
Apple iPod classic holds a 160 GB storage capacity. This means that you can save up to 200 hours of video, 25,000 photos and 40,000 songs. It also meets the genius of the music. It allows you to repeatedly play your favorite song and with just a few clicks on the library, the genius feature finds the song you are loving. If you are finding the exact song to listen or watch, you can browse by album or navigate it with videos and songs by album, playlist, artist and genre simply by using the click wheel. It has a bright 2.5 inch display to make your video more full of life. Apple iPod classic also puts hours of playing games. It comes with three games namely Klondike, Vortex, and iQuiz. Aside from these, you can also purchase your favorite games like the Cake Mania from the iTunes Store. You can listen to the music right away or save it for the later’s activity. You can even refresh it or give a go – it’s up to you!
The common negative reports from users is the complaint that Apple iPod classic’s firmware is written poorly. The navigation is tedious and you will become annoyed later on. The click wheel does not pick up the movements of your finger. The device is not user friendly for audio book listeners, you cannot sort out audio books in terms of the author or book title. Its podcast menu makes use of the similar double lists of heights as what other lists do. This can’t be turned off and you have to push away through your music in this approach. The feature of cover flow is completely useless since it is slow and the art of the album is not populated quick enough in point of fact.
Even with some few complaints, the problems are easily solved due to the fact that Apple iPod classic is software related. It is a one device for all entertainment needs. The flash is more than enough and you can sync albums offline to play anytime of the day. As the accessibility of high-powered MP3 players hard-drive seems to be on the decline, it is good to hear that that Apple company is progressing to expand them. The Apple iPod Classic does not deliver the revolutionary novelty of the the iPod Touch or iPod Nano, but it is still one of the most well-designed high-powered MP3 players available on the market nowadays.

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