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iPod Games – Announcing 24 HR Entertainment

iPod Games – Announcing 24 HR Entertainment

Lindsey Stirling 10.09.2016 (Lollapalooza Berlin)
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The bad news is that you’re a geek. The good news, however, is that you acknowledge it, accept it and even embrace a little bit. In other related, potentially good news(stories), I am also a geek; so we can probably hang out. But, what else does that mean? It means a couple of things. First off, if you ever have a Maxim in your hands, your reading the technology section, fore sure. Second off, you will be turning right to the “games review” section as soon as you’re finished with the tech stuff. And finally, it means that you combine both of these passions by playing games on your ipod. Embrace it.

What are you playing though? Classics for sure. And a classic game section wouldn’t be complete without “brick.” This well known game, with the forgettable name, is the one where you slide a paddle at the bottom of the screen to bounce a ball towards the top to knock out all the bricks, hence the name.

Up next is “parachute,” where you finally get to kill something human, probably you can transfer any anger that you have towards all the people that used to beat you up in school…giving them their just deserves, in the form of a 20 caliber bullet through the head.

The classic ipod games motif keeps on rolling here, except this time the game doesn’t try to hide what it thinks of your social skills, but rather puts everything out in the open with the title, “solitaire.” You know how to play, so I won’t waste your time and add further salt in this wound. Honestly, how many times have you won in your life? Lots, I bet.

Then the ipod games start to mix things up a little bit. Lastly you can try your ear at “Music Quiz,” which weighs in as the only ipod game name that is more lamentable than “brick.” But, the point isn’t to critique the name, its to make sure you’re not just listening to the radio hits, by selecting a song from your library and giving you 5 options to name the tune…hey, that’d be a decent name!

The point is you don’t have to just wait until you get home to your PS2 for the ultimate in hand-eye electronic death battles…do it right now, while you’re waiting for your blind date to how up.

The Graphics War Behind The Nintendo Wii

The Graphics War Behind The Nintendo Wii

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It seems like every time I flip through the latest issue of a gaming magazine or begin to browse any kind of website with the “top/latest gaming news” they seem to be rambling on and on about how amazingly lifelike or jaw-droppingly realistic the graphics are. In fact, it looks like there’s plenty of games out there who are foregoing the quality that made games popular in lieu of putting out games with the highest quality graphics or the most realism available. Don’t get me wrong, I love a game that looks nice just as much as the next guy, but as nice as good graphics are, they shouldn’t be the sole selling point for a game.

This is where the Wii really takes the lead in the console race, despite its lower graphical capabilities, Nintendo consistently puts out amazing games. For example, out of the “Big 3” which of these consoles has more games for multiple simultaneous players (and I don’t mean over an online network) than any other? Hands down, it’s gotta be the Wii. Whether you’re playing a classic party game like Mario Party or Fortune Street or you’re breaking out Smash Bros. Brawl for the millionth time, the Wii is the console you turn to when you’ve got friends over.

That’s just talking about multiplayer and party games, though. The Wii doesn’t disappoint with its single player adventures either. With iconic games like the Legend of Zelda series and Super Mario Bros. games, the Wii pulls of hit game after hit game even though it’s not using an HDMI cable to attach itself to the back of your TV. In fact, the retro styled graphics that Nintendo builds many of its franchises on have great appeal with gamers that grew up on the 8 and 16-bit systems. Nothing conjures up fond memories like the bleep bloop music and classic graphics of the NES or SNES and the Wii only plays on that further by bringing back such classic games for us to enjoy.

Now touching on some of the points other consoles may make, Xbox and the Playstation 3 can put out fantastic quality games as well, with top of the line graphics to boot. People look like people and environments are often larger than life with cities built to scale and landscapes that seem to stretch on for miles. There’s two problems I’ve seen with this, though. Often a game is hyped on its “realism” or its high intensity graphics or rendering only to fall short in its gameplay because so much time was spent on its graphical development. So much is invested in the setting that games lose their grip on the journey through it.

In short: don’t count the Wii out just because it’s not pumping out Blu-ray quality graphics in its titles. While a game with high powered graphics can often have great gameplay as well, be sure to consider your options and read reviews carefully. If you count out a game (or the Wii in general) because its graphics don’t look like when you look out your window, you’re going to be missing out on a ton of great games.

The Influence Of Blues Guitar On Modern Music

The Influence Of Blues Guitar On Modern Music

Anybody interested in modern music sooner or later asks the question, “Where did it begin?”
Well, if you leave blues guitar music out, you will not have much of an answer. So let us look at where the blues came from, where it went and who it met on the way. We will also take a look at the “blues guitar sound” and how it has its unique effect on our feelings.

The blues as a musical phenomenon began around 1911 when W.C. Handy published popular songs, notably “Memphis Blues” and “St Louis Blues”, which affected the hearts and souls of the black people. By the nineteen twenties the general population were beginning to hear this new music through its influence on jazz. Early blues singers like Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday sang with jazz bands while others played with “jug bands” accompanied by fiddle, kazoo and washboard.

Of course to people like W. C. Handy who were brought up singing in church, the piano was the natural instrumental accompaniment to their songs. But the guitar is portable and always was popular so it had to have a place in blues and jazz. Blues guitar players like twelve string guitarist Leadbelly and future electric guitar player B.B. King were making sure the guitar would be an integral part of the blues. Other blues guitarists made their living in smoky saloons playing slide guitar using a bottle neck or the blade of a knife to fret the notes.

After the Second World War young artists like Elvis Presley and Bill Haley were wrapping the blues in a new package called “rock’n’roll” and the players of the electric blues guitar like B.B. King were heralding the arrival of the lead guitar, soon to be a great attraction for both musicians and audiences. Throughout the evolution of the blues the guitar had always taken its turn for solos in jazz bands but now it competed with the singer for the attention of the audience.

Blues guitar can be played in any key that takes your fancy and comes in three basic forms: eight bars, for example “Heartbreak Hotel”, sixteen bars like “Saint James Infirmary” and twelve bars like “St. Louis Blues”. For some reason the twelve bar blues form is way more singer-friendly and popular with audiences than the other two, and it is the basis of many great songs outside the blues idiom.

If you go poking around the internet you will find that the blues scales are just your garden variety major and minor scales except that the third, fifth and seventh notes are played flat. However, you may be astonished to learn that blues players managed for centuries without knowing about European musical theory. They learnt to sing and play from their families and friends just as many of the young white blues players of the nineteen sixties learnt from imitating the artists they heard on records.

And this is where the blues takes another direction. After years of imitating their idols something odd happened to the white blues guitar players in Britain and the USA. They developed their own authentic, original styles. The older blues players even began using the new arrangements of classic songs and adopting some of the unbluesy musical innovations introduced by young white guitarists like Eric Clapton. So the beat goes on. A foreign culture influences American popular music and in turn gets fresh input from a new generation of guitar players from all over the world.

History Of The Electric Guitar

History Of The Electric Guitar

Percussion Stand
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Electric Guitar

Electric guitar is a type of guitar that uses electronic pickups to convert the vibration of its steel-cord strings into electrical current. The signal may be electrically altered to achieve various tonal effects prior to being fed into an amplifier, which produces the final sound which can be either an electrical sound or an acoustic sound. Distortion, equalization, or other pedals can change the sound that is emitted from the amplifier.

The electric guitar is used extensively in many popular styles of music, including almost all genres of rock and roll, country music, pop music and also in some classic music.

Custom electric guitars

Onyx Forge custom electric guitars based in California, USA is the one stop for all the custom electric guitars. Their ideal custom guitar includes 6, 7 and 12 string standards guitars. Also specializes in exotic woods and custom switching for active, passive or piezo pickups.

Acoustic electric guitars

Some steel-string acoustic guitars are fitted with pickups purely as an alternative to using a separate microphone. These are called electric acoustic guitars, and are regarded as acoustic guitars rather than electric guitars. These should not be confused with hollo body electric guitars, which are more of electric guitars fitted with hollow sound chambers.

History of the electric guitar

Adolph Rickenbacker invented the electric guitar.

Electric guitars were originally designed by an assortment of luthias, electronics enthusiasts, and instrument manufacturers, in varying combinations. In 1935, a Soviet scientist working separately from his western colleagues was known to have produced an electric Russian guitar called Kuznetsov electromagnetic guitar.

The first recording of an electric guitar was by jazz guitarist Beddie Durham in 1937.

Electric guitar strings

Guitar strings are strung parallel to the neck, whose surface is covered by the fingerboard. By depressing a string against the fingerboard, the effective length of the string can be changed, which in turn changes the frequency at which the string will vibrate when plucked. Guitarists typically use one hand to pluck the strings and the other to depress the strings against the fretboard. Traditionally, the dominant hand is assigned the task of plucking or strumming the strings.

In electric guitars, transducers known as pickups convert string vibration to an electronic signal, which in turn is amplified and fed to speakers, which vibrate the air to produce the sound we hear.

Electric guitar cases

Case is where the guitar is kept to protect the guitar as well to carry it from one place to another in order to protect it some of the cases available for guitar can be listed as follows:

• The AME-30 is designed to fit Archtop guitars. Featuring the revolutionary Ameritage Humidity Control System, which protects instruments against climatic effects which cause swelling?

• Calton Electric Guitar Cases will accommodate most electric, acoustic electric and electric hollow body guitars. Due to the shaped nature of a Calton case, the instrument’s horn length and headstock offset are critical measurements that may be requested for your case to be made.

Electric bass guitar

The electric bass guitar is an electrically-amplified fingered string instrument. The bass is similar in appearance to an electric guitar, but with a larger body, a longer neck and scale length, and, usually, four strings tuned an octave lower in pitch, in the bass range.

The bass is typically used to provide the low-pitched bassline and bass runs in popular music and jazz. The electric bass is also used as a soloing instrument in jazz, fusion, and latin.

Jwin I1055blk 7 Inch Tablet-Style Dvd Player W/ Ipod Capabilities Portable DVD Player

Jwin I1055blk 7 Inch Tablet-Style Dvd Player W/ Ipod Capabilities Portable DVD Player

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to watch your favourite’s movies on your way to your destination instead? A portable DVD player allows you do just that. A portable DVD player really works well anywhere to keep children content and quite while Mom and Dad enjoy the silence. A portable DVD player is great for alleviating the boredom of long rides on the road.

There are many portable DVD player cases available on the market. Watching a movie on a portable DVD player with digital surround sound can transport you to a miniature virtual theatre environment. Today portable mp3 players are quickly becoming the standard for listening to music, because all you need is a source that has the digital music files you want to listen to, and you can then download the files onto your mp3 player and take them with you wherever you go.

Actually MP3 is only one of the digital formats used to encode music, but it has somehow become the moniker for all digital song files. In general, portable MP3 players will utilize one of two formats to store the files on the device, either flash memory or a hard drive. There are other formats that may be used for portable MP3 players, and the Classic CM343R is an example of a device that plays MP3s from recordable CD media.

One might wonder why portable DVD players hasn’t been available at low prices for a long time when the technique used is similar to the technique used in CD players and portable CD players have been around forever. There are many sites that run reviews of the top-selling brands of portable DVD players. The things you need to consider when choosing a portable DVD player are picture quality, sound quality, size of screen and battery life.

Most Portable DVD players can read regular CDs as well but is still not suitable to replace your portable CD player. Use your imagination, as there are virtually unlimited applications for a Portable DVD Player. Business people can use a portable dvd player to give a presentation anywhere.

Depending on where and when you plan on using your DVD player the most, size may really be a big factor in your decision. If you want to connect your DVD player to other audio equipment, or to the television set, then there are choices of regular A/V connections that can give the best video and audio outputs. On the top of this portable mp3 player you have buttons for play, stop, volume up and down, arrows buttons indicating forward or rewind,you have an EQ, a mode, and memo.

Top 10 Holiday Gifts

Top 10 Holiday Gifts

Here are the top selling holiday items according to MSN Shopping.

Couch Signature Gallery Pouch
This handbag from Coach is proving to be very popular this holiday season. This short-strap classic style handbag has a zip closure and inside open pocket. It has jacquard fabric with leather trim, is fabric lined, and comes in black, khaki, and red.

Diamond Bracelet Sterling Silver by Ashford
This piece proves you can never go wrong with diamonds. It has S-shaped links and diamond accents. Silver is a good addition to most styles of clothing and accessories.

iPod nano 2 GB MP3 Player by Apple
Unless you have been under a rock lately, you are familiar with the iPod family. This version is in between the small type and full-size iPod, but still holds 500 songs and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Satin Drapeneck Dress by S.L. Fashions
This is a gorgeous polyester satin pull-over dress which is available in black, almond, and jade. For any special occasion, it will wow whoever sees you. You can not go wrong with such classic beauty. Its stunning sleeveless design and drapeneck provides a sexy but sophisticated look.

Step 2 Ride-On Motorcycle
A great buy for your toddler, the Step 2 Ride-On Motorcycle will provide hours of amusement for your child, as well as you watching them play. Made of durable plastic, it has wide wheels for stability and easy grip handles.

Snack Attack by RedEnvelope
Food! This assortment includes sweet and salty goodies for all of those Christmas or Hanukkah munchies. With berry-nut mixes, caramel corn, gummy bears and much more, there is something for everyone.

Sony Playstation Portable (PSP)
The ultimate in gaming, this portable device allows for games, movies, playing music, and displaying photos. The great thing is that you have all of that at your fingertips.

Tealight Fountain by Innovage
This beautiful desktop fountain is perfect for the candle enthusiast. With a marble type finish, this piece holds three tealight candles and is calm and relaxing. It is also cordless, so you can set it anywhere.

4 Carat Trillian Cut Green Amethyst & Diamond 14k White Gold Ring by
This is a truly breathtaking ring. With a large green amethyst stone, surrounded by diamond accents set in beautiful white gold, you are certain to get a smile out of this gift.

Understanding Mp4 Players

Understanding Mp4 Players

Mp3 audio format became available back in 1993.
Shortly after it became the standard internet audio format, and it is still very much used world wide. Recently another format has been introduced, the mp4 audio-video format which allows video capability, so that users can watch movies, TV shows, music videos along with mp3 songs.

As the industry of mp4 player devices evolved, more features such as fm tuner, voice recorder, email, internet browser capability and others were added to mp4 devices, making them a desired product among electronic users.

Differences between mp4 and mp3 format, relies basically that mp4 devices holds both audio and video files. As for the mp3 it only holds the audio type file. So, one could think of mp4 as being the next step in this evolution file format that started with mp3.

Due to the capability of delivering audio and video at the same time, mp4 devices can offer a wide range of interesting features, such as web browsing, email, instant messaging, video and music download, bluetooth wireless technology, digital camera and others. Also game capability and multiple language options are features that made mp4 devices so popular. Other features, such as voice recording, enabled mp4 devices to be used for professional purposes, besides entertainment.

Another important mp4 feature is the storage capacity, that can start from 256 mega bites up to 40, 60 and up giga bites. Usually a small hard disk unit is used to hold several giga bites of data. For smaller storages, an internal electronic flash memory may be used.

As a music player device, mp4 may offer a 7-band equalizer which will allow the user to change the sound category according to the music style. These sound categories are Pop, Jazz, Rock, Soft, Classic and DBB. Also mp4 player device will support various format files such as Mp3, AMV, ASF, WAV, WMA, WMV and others. As far as the supporting video formats are concerned this device proves to be able to convert file in the AVI, MPEG, Windows media format into the AMV thru the use of software.

Since mp4 devices is compact, it is safe to say that its small size, light weight and good user interface menu, make this device portable, easy to control and access no matter where one can be.

As mp4 format became more popular, several internet audio-video download sites started to offer services, so that mp4 users can download their favorite music or video at affordable prices. There are sites that offer music file download for only 99 cents each, and one has to only pick his favorite song, not the entire album.

Also available in these internet sites are files called Podcasts, which includes information programs, news broadcasts, comedy and entertainment programs. Podcasting is quickly becoming a buzz word among the techie crowd. So what is podcasting, anyway? Podcasting is online audio and video content that is delivered via an RSS feed. Although Podcasting is new, it should become a mainstream communication medium in the near future.

Being basically a container, mp4 player devices are able to provide multimedia solutions with its audio-video file format. Because of that mp4 players became very popular and as it becomes more sophisticated with new features being added in new models, people become more eager to own these device players. After all most electronic consumers do have a wish to keep up with modern time.

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Green Day Tickets – See True Musical Staying Power

Green Day Tickets – See True Musical Staying Power

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Green Day tickets have been available for several years, but it seems like just yesterday that this totally unique band burst onto the scene with their refreshing punk sound and speedy delivery.
Green Day has moved from new and popular act to a band that’s as recognizable as any in the world, and their powerful delivery remains a signature of their overall persona. A look at their history may help to explain how they’ve achieved such a lofty status in the music world.


Growing up in the East Bay region of Northern California, childhood friends Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt were always in love with the punk rock music scene. They would endlessly play records together from scores of bands, but one common thread existed among all their choices – punk rock was the rage, and the faster the band, the more these two future rockers enjoyed the sound.

The pair formed their own band in 1986 when each was 14 years old, and they even got their first gig in 1989 at Rod’s Hickory Pit in Vallejo, California, where Armstrong’s mother worked. At the time, the band was called Sweet Children, and they actually enjoyed a modicum of success despite their financial and representative limitations.

Later in 1989, Al Sobrante joined the band, and they renamed themselves Green Day in reference to smoking marijuana all day long. Thanks to Sobrante’s in-school connections, Green Day soon got their first live gig at Contra Costa College, where Sobrante was a student.

Their unique sound was instantly recognizable, and Green Day soon gathered a loyal local following. Their shows were also intense and incredibly energetic, and Green Day tickets quickly became a popular item in California.

Album Success

The band released a few albums on small independent labels, and although they did not achieve commercial success, they did get the band noticed by the “big boys” in the record industry, and Green Day eventually signed with Reprise Records, setting the stage for their success.

Their initial big-budget release, Dookie, put out in 1994, was a mainstream success, and a new star had arrived on the music scene. Since then, Green Day has released only four subsequent albums, as they have always placed their priority on touring and live shows. However, every one of those releases sold huge numbers of copies, and several of their singles have climbed to the top of the charts.

Overall, Green Day tickets are a chance to see a unique twist on the classic genre of punk rock, and every night with them is a night to remember.

Easy Steps To Achieve Good Search Engine Results (2)

Easy Steps To Achieve Good Search Engine Results

Does your business website not have the traffic you expect? It’s possible that your website lacks search engine optimization, which refers to a collection of strategies to improve your website’s visibility on web searches for words related to your product or service. Read on to learn how search engine optimization can improve your website’s visibility.

Search engine optimization is all about text, especially fresh text. If you are having trouble on your website, you might consider setting up a blog, which will constantly have fresh content and will draw the spiders in, causing your site to get many more hits because you are constantly sharing a wide amount of information.

Make sure your keywords are both relevant and specific to site content. A tag containing a more generic keyword phrase (i.e.: Classic Rock Music) will face very heavy competition in the SERP, where as something more specific (i.e.: Rolling Stones Music) will likely get your higher up the list. A higher ranking is one way to increase traffic to your site.

Double check that your pages don’t appear to have duplicate content, even if they seem different to you. Run similar pages through a uniqueness calculator, and make sure they are get at least a 50% grade. Search engines will penalize you if they believe you are repetitively posting the same content on your website to attract traffic.

Trading content or links is an amazing way to get more traffic to your website. It creates additional backlinks on other sites which are already in good standing on Google, plus it generates fresh content for your website through trading articles or blog posts. These two factors can help your page rank rise dramatically!

Audit click through patterns to see how your customers end up buying (or not). There is software that will track every click visitors make. If you see that a certain page is leading many customers to a purchase, consider making it more prominent on your site and using similar language on other pages of your site.

Great Beaches On Grand Bahama Island In The Bahamas

Great Beaches On Grand Bahama Island In The Bahamas

Spring Concert 2018
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Quite naturally, one of the primary reasons the Bahamas have attracted visitors from all over the world is the abundance of beautiful beaches. Grand Bahama Island certainly has its share of these remarkable beaches, and as a beach vacation destination, this island rates as one of the best.
Xanadu Beach is a popular tourist destination located in Freeport. There are a variety of activities available, including water sports such as parasailing and beach sports such as volleyball. Because of the pleasant atmosphere, the beach also attracts a local crowd, in addition to tourists. This beach is not uncomfortably crowded, and although it attracts enough people to have an active social scene, it is large enough that there is room to enjoy a bit of solitude.
Taino Beach is the perfect place for those seeking the classic white sands beach experience, with all the traditional pastimes. It also has a small playground that is sure to please families with small children. Some of the best restaurants in the area are found in this area. Lucayan Beach is where tourist with an interest in active water sports go. Conveniently located across from the Port Lucaya hotels, it has a long and inviting sandy shoreline.
Gold Rock Beach is located in the Lucayan National Park and is simply gorgeous. It is about 25 miles from Freeport and is, despite its beautiful white sands on the edge of spectacularly blue waters, quiet and peaceful. Outdoor cooking facilities and picnic tables are available, making an all day visit an enjoyable event.
Mather Town Beach is an excellent place for those who enjoy meeting locals. The beach restaurant and bar Club Carib is located here, and is definitely worth a visit for its fine variety of reasonably priced, quality food. William’s Town Beach is another active beach, with water sports, including jet skis and snorkeling on the eastern side. Horseback riding along the beach is permitted here, and with the beautiful view, it is the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll, whether by foot or on horseback.
In addition to the many public beaches, there are also several private beaches where tourists can enjoy the sun and sand free from the distraction of the beach vendors that wander the public beaches hawking their wares and free of the crowds that sometimes fill those beaches during peak travel times. Many of the resorts offer excellent package deals that include private beach access and transportation to and from the beach. Some offer beachfront apartment rentals, perfect for families. The resort beach packages often provide for a variety of the classic beach activities, including bon fire lit planned parties featuring live music, limbo dancing, and, of course, fabulous food.
Beaches are an important part of the Bahamas vacation experience. The beaches on Grand Bahama Island tend to be of the classic, very beautiful, white sands sort. Because there are so many small beaches, there are plenty of opportunities to socialize with the locals, as well as with an international blend of tourists or to simply enjoy quiet solitude in the midst of spectacularly beautiful scenery.

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