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Episode 2, 1957-1958

Albums featured in this episode are;

Buddy Holly & the Crickets – The “Chirping” Crickets,

Count Basie – The Atomic Mr. Basie,

Thelonious Monk – Brilliant Corners,

Sabu Martinez – Palo Congo,

Miles Davis – Birth of the Cool,

Machito – Kenya,

and Little Richard – Here’s Little Richard.

Intro/outro music (Evening Melodrama) and interlude music (Cool Intro) are credited to Kevin MacLeod at

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Enjoy Your Favorite Tunes Through A Usb Mp3 Player

Enjoy Your Favorite Tunes Through A Usb Mp3 Player

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As we continue to make technological advancements in the ways in which we communicate, work, and entertain ourselves there are more and more products that reach the marketplace designed to make our lives easier. When it comes to playing music the equipment that we use today barely resembles that which we used not so very long ago. Today, the MP3 player is the newest and most popular technology on the market. And the USB MP3 player, in particular, is the most convenient technology for music lovers everywhere.

The USB MP3 player works in conjunction with the user’s home computer allowing the user to plug the system into the computer and download music onto the unit. This download can take place in one of two ways. The user can upload particular songs from favorite CDs onto the computer after which the songs can be downloaded onto the USB MP3 player. Or the user can purchase music through online resources such as Apple iTunes and then download the music onto the unit. In this way users can create their own favorite playlists on their USB MP3 player to be taken with them wherever they travel.

The popularity of the USB MP3 player clearly lies in its functionality and portability. The MP3 technology allows audio files to be compressed without losing their quality of sound. Such audio files can be compressed so compactly that many MP3 players can hold up to thousands of songs – all in a unit no larger than the size of your palm.

Because of its size, the USB MP3 player can be taken anywhere you travel and fit into a shirt pocket or slip into a briefcase or purse. Headphones allow you to enjoy the system whether you are working out, walking down the street, or traveling. Car adaptation equipment allows you to plug your USB MP3 player directly into your car’s audio system and listen to your music through your vehicle’s speakers. Further, portable speakers can be connected to the USB MP3 player so that you can enjoy your favorite music throughout your home.

The ways in which we listen to and enjoy music will undoubtedly continue to evolve. But, for now, the USB MP3 player is the technology of the moment and the popular choice among music enthusiasts.

Learning Styles Of Music

Learning Styles Of Music

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What genres (music types) are important?
Learning styles of music can help you get work, don’t get me wrong; but you need to consider the time and expense involved in knowing a lot of music genre’s, having the goods to do them, and if your locality really wants the specific genre.
DJs invariably enter the profession as a part time hobby because they love the music they play and love to see others enjoying it too.
Usually DJs have an already significant existing vinyl or CD/DVD collection of music that they enjoy and they use this to mix and play for DJ events for which they are hired.
Some DJs like to specialize in a particular genre of music in order to attract a certain type of clientele. This may be because they particularly liked learning styles of music; that genre; or because they know that this will secure regular work.
Dance, Indie, acid or house music is particularly popular with DJs who work the club circuit while 60s, 70s and 80s music is more popular with mobile DJs who host private parties and BBQs.
It depends on what’s popular in your area, as to whether you should offer Country, HipHop, or the latest cutting edge music genre.
To learn more about specific music styles, you may want to read up .
Every good DJ experiments with how they will get the crowd moving and different DJs enjoy learning styles of music to do exactly that.
In fact, you will probably find that most DJs have a set routine for how the night will play out according to music, sound, lighting and other effects such as bubbles, background buzz, DJ banter and audience participation.
This methodology works the world around and is irrespective of what genre the DJ specializes in.
Regardless of what music genre a DJ specializes in, the key to the event is not the actual songs themselves but the mix that the DJ puts together.
A good DJ will know how to link together a good mix of songs with both the event and the crowd in mind.
Good DJs now how to put together songs that ebb and flow according to the crowd response and the timing of the event – the DJ cannot allow the crowd to peak too early or the event will then slowly fizzle out, long before it needs to.
When you specialize, it’s much easier to become known for a certain style of music, and a lot cheaper to get a good stock of vinyls or cd’s in that genre since you already have a head start in your favorite style.
DJ Equipment is expensive; so save money where you can and specialize in just a few musical genres instead of many!

Music For Love

Music For Love

Romance isn’t the same without soft music playing in the background. When you are planning any type of romantic encounter, choosing the right music is vital. There are many different genres of music and since people have various tastes, personal choice in what constitutes romantic music may vary. However there are definitely some favorites that everyone can agree upon. Here are some choices to consider when choosing romantic music.

From Him to Her

1. You Are So Beautiful: Joe Cocker

This song continues to be a favorite among those in love. The lyrics are beautiful and it truly describes the adoration he has for the love of his life. Joe’s heartfelt cry makes this one of the best love songs of all time.

2. When a Man Loves a Woman: Percy Sledge

The soulful serenade from Percy Sledge describes how every man in love views the object of his affection: in perfection. What woman wouldn’t want this song dedicated to her?

3. Have I told you Lately: Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart’s smooth tones are perfect for telling her that you love her. There isn’t a woman alive who wouldn’t melt as you gaze into her eyes and tell her how you feel, while Rod is singing this ballad in the background.

4. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love: Barry White

There is nothing more romantic than the soothing bass of Barry White. He was often referred to as having a Velvet Voice, and when creating a romantic environment, Barry White delivers every time.

5. Always and Forever: Luther Vandross, Heatwave

Whether you listen to the classic by Heatwave or one of the newer remakes, Always and Forever continues to lead the way in top romantic songs. It is also perfect for weddings, or anytime you want to let your woman know that your love is eternal.

From Her to Him

1. Because you Loved Me: Celine Dion

Celine seems to be the epitome of romance. When it comes to singing the words that express how you feel towards your man, there is clearly no better choice than Because you Loved Me.

2. Endless Love: Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross; Lionel Ritchie, Diana Ross

Both of these versions are incredibly awesome. The lyrics are perfect for declaring your unfailing committed love to your partner.

3. Here We Are: Gloria Estefan

This must be one of the best songs for women to play when they want their man to know that they want some intimacy.

4. You Light Up My Life: Debby Boone

You Light Up My Life is one of those songs that just says it all. When you want to tell your man how you feel play this song in the background.

5. When I Fall in Love: Celine Dion and Clive Griffin

What better song to express your truest sense of love, honor, and lifelong commitment then When I Fall in Love.

Whether it is dinner for two, a quiet evening by the fireplace, or if you just want to say I love you, by using these songs, you can ensure that your romantic evening will be complete. So light the candles, pick your song, and let the romance begin.

The Beatles

The Beatles

The music of The Beatles

The Beatles had a relatively short career by the standards of many of the bands of the era, many of which survive today. But in their decade of prominence their music followed an identifiable path that took in mainstream pop, psychedelia and some quite challenging arrangements. Analyzing sheet music of the Beatles reveals that even their early music, a blend of skiffle and rock ’n’ roll, was far removed from the three-chord compositions of many of their contemporaries. Once notable feature of Beatles music is the ease with which it translates to different styles. Much of it retains its distinct feel regardless of whether it is being strummed on a guitar, played on a piano, automated on a sequencer or being performed by a complete orchestra. This is one measure of its quality.

Collaboration and mutual inspiration

Although Lennon and McCartney did indeed write and sing the lion’s share of Beatles music, all four members contributed to the writing. Some of the most iconic songs were by George Harrison, including Something, Here Comes the Sun and While my Guitar Gently Weeps; and Starr’s contribution in the form of Yellow Submarine and Octopus’s Garden (among others) should not be overlooked. Glancing through the credits of the entire Beatles collection, however, will show just how much cross-fertilization and collaboration occurred in the creative heart of the band. In fact, it can come as a surprise how few were purely McCartney and Lennon creations as a percentage of the entire body.

Cover versions

Because of the undisputable quality that binds together every note of the Beatles’ output, it comes as no surprise to see how often their songs have been covered by other artists. Whether it’s Bowie doing Across the Universe, The Carpenters’ Ticket to Ride, Oasis belting out I am the Walrus or Elvis Presley performing Yesterday, the songs’ power survives many vocal and instrumental styles. In fact, anyone with a modicum of talent can cover The Beatles and end up with at least a passable rendition, be they sitting by a roaring campfire with a guitar, tinkling the ivories at a cocktail party, warming up a rock band or singing in the shower.

Beatles lyrics

The melodies and backing music of The Beatles guarantees it a listen, and is part of the universal success of the band. The lyrics are often not given the attention they deserve, however. Whilst probably not being as notable as would be the case in a Bob Dylan or Billy Bragg composition, most Beatles lyrics show a certain depth that is appropriate for the medium they were intended for – namely pop music – but reading them in sheet music can be quite surprising. There’s plenty of dry humour, a sprinkling of wackiness, lots of heartfelt emotion and some psychedelic traces, especially in their later period. First and foremost The Beatles were a pop group extraordinaire, and their songs were intended to be sung, listened to and enjoyed, no doubt a throwback to their early days in Liverpool, but a successful formula none the less.

Download Free Legal Music For Ipod – The Top Solution

Download Free Legal Music For Ipod – The Top Solution

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The proliferation of P2P file sharing networks on the Internet makes it very tempting and easy for someone to get themselves into a lot of trouble with the Recording Industry Association of America. The increasing sophistication of technology has made it much easier for the RIAA to track who is illegally making songs available for download and the people who are downloading them.

Very recently a student of Utah State University was sued by the RIAA for doing just that. The RIAA is negotiating a settlement of about $3,000 dollars. In another case a 12 year old child was prosecuted for file sharing and the case was settled for $2,000. I’ll outline a solution for acquiring legal free music downloads for iPods below which will keep you in good graces with the RIAA.

There are a number of Internet sites that offer free music that’s legal to download to your iPod. Accessing these services will prevent law suits against you for illegally acquiring downloads from P2P file sharing networks. Additionally, a number of the file sharing networks will bombard you with popup ads and the files can include a number of viruses and trojans.

The Dilemma

A number of sites like Yahoo Music and iTunes offer music downloads at a per download fee of 99 cents. These sites are certainly legal and will keep you out of trouble with the RIAA. The only drawback about these sites is the songs are coded with DRM and will no longer play on your computer if you discontinue your membership with them. The aforementioned sites are two of the top music download sites available with iTunes being number one.

Another site that’s ranked second only to iTunes is eMusic. Their advantage is all their songs are DRM free, in MP3 format and will play on any platform. They offer a monthly subscription which allows a limited number of downloads. But the drawback is they specialize in independent or “indie” music artists. Although you own the music you download, their selection of the major recording labels and music artists is very limited.

The Top Solution

A more economical solution for acquiring unlimited iPod music downloads of the major recording labels without the hassle of per download fees, is to sign up for a membership with one of the numerous iPod music download services. These services typically advertise free music downloads and for all intents and purposes that’s true in most cases.

Because, for the most part, they offer a lifetime membership for around $35 to $45 dollars. This one time fee includes unlimited downloads of iPod tunes and the fee is basically to offset administration costs, customer service and to keep their server computers online.

The iPod music download sites typically offer more than just music downloads. Your membership generally includes access to music videos, TV shows, movies, iPod games and cheats, conversion software and other related software. Some require you to download free software you would use to access the music, movies and other downloads. And some offer a rich assortment of incentive software like DVD burners and the Google free software package.

In Summary

The very nominal one time fee required for a lifetime membership is really a no brainer compared to the major sites charging you about a dollar per download. Because, the cost of 35 songs with one of them, would pay for a lifetime membership, with unlimited iPod downloads of not only music but all the aforementioned files. The download speeds are very good, there’s no DRM hassle and your tunes continue to play on your computer even if you discontinue your membership. Best of all, you won’t get into trouble with the RIAA.

Essential Guitar Tabs For Beginner Guitarists

Essential Guitar Tabs For Beginner Guitarists

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When we wonder what guitar tab we need to get to begin to make up our repertoire, we usually think only about songs we like. We know that our choice in music does not suck in the slightest but if we are going to be playing our guitar and singing for audiences we need to get used to the idea that our taste in music will not match what our listeners want to hear. We may even take a look at popular choices in songs and get the uncomfortable feeling that we might have to play songs that we do not like. One thing guitar players are famous for is standing on their principles and not compromising on what they are going to play. The other thing they are famous for is giving the audience what they want. So a mixture of these two attitudes is probably going to form in your psyche as you peruse your list of guitar tabs on the internet. While we are on the subject of lists of guitar tabs remember to pay a visit to your local music store or online merchant for ready-made collections of easy guitar tabs. You can find titles like “Popular Songs for Acoustic Guitar” or “CMT’s 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music”.

One fact that has emerged from field tests conducted by buskers, night club performers and covers bands is that you should look for your repertoire in the songs of years gone by. Oldies are goodies. Another thing you should think about is whether or not you are an audience participation kind of performer. If you are still wondering about it one second after the thought enters your head, then you probably aren’t. So stay away from songs that require you to yell, “Everybody now!!” or “Just the girls this time!”. Likewise if you play solo acoustic guitar and have a voice like Johnny Cash you might want to stay away from Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”. But do not walk away from songs you enjoy just because they might not seem immediately doable.Remember Jose Feliciano’s “Light My Fire” and Eric Clapton’s unplugged “Layla”.

Of course what songs you choose is not going to matter much if you do not pay attention to how you sing and play the guitar. People pay to see performers who are better at something than they are. Which is where playing material that you like comes in. If you are playing a song that you consider to be a crowd pleaser but you personally think is a load of stomach chunks you give attention to the part the audience likes. You already know what that is. That is why you do not bellow, “Hello darkness my old friend” or shirk on the enthusiasm when you sing the line, “Welcome to the Hotel California”.

Okay so what we get out of all this is first, there are songs that crowds of people like and second, you can sing and play these songs in a way that highlights your particular talents. Now for a basic list of songs that have been known to please a crowd or two over a period of years:
Wild World by Cat Stevens
Imagine – by John Lennon
Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
Catch the Wind by Donovan
Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley
Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks
Angie by the Rolling Stones
Everybody Hurts by REM
50 ways to leave your lover by Paul Simon
The 59th Street Bridge Song by Simon And Garfunkel
American Pie by Don Maclean
Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell
California Dreamin’ by The Mamas and Papas
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan
Mrs Robinson by Simon And Garfunkel
You’re so vain by Carly Simon
Blowin’ In The Wind by Bob Dylan
Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
I Walk The Line by Johnny Cash
Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton
Gloria by Van Morrison (or Them)
Hotel California by The Eagles
Behind Blue Eyes by The Who
White Room by Cream
Sex And Candy by Marcy Playground
Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers
What Its Like by Everlast
Alison by Elvis Costello
Life By The Drop by Stevie Ray Vaughn
Melissa by Allman Brothers
Dead Flowers by The Rolling Stones
Seagull by Bad Company
Mediterranean Sundance by Al DiMeola and Paco De Lucia
Classical Gas by Mason Williams

This list could be much, much longer, but you probably already see songs here that you would never play in a million years so all I can say now is I hope this guide to essential guitar tab has been helpful.

Enter the world of Music

Enter the world of Music

Technology has made our lives simpler and with the new developments in technology not only is life getting simpler but technology is continuing to make more differences in our lives by contributing to various spheres of our lives like entertainment .
With the internet all this has now come to our very doorstep at just the click of the mouse.

Earlier for the purpose of listening to a song atleast a visit to your local music store was required and seeing a video meant watching the band perform at one of their concerts or then getting a music video from the music store. Now anytime you wish to listen to some great music or watch a music video just log on and you can watch your favourite songs or watch free music videos and watch music videos in the comfort of your home. There is just no need anymore to venture out , technology has brought everything you desire right into your home or workplace.

There is good news for all music lovers . Now with internet technology , music fans can not only listen to their favourite artists but also watch free lyrics. All the songs are available at just a click sitting in the comfort of your home. Not only can you now watch songs but also song lyrics and hear and enjoy the music and even sing along with the lyrics and all available to you.

Internet is a world of choices for all music lovers and provides you all the information and the latest happenings in the music world. You can be up to date on all music news and the current hits on the US top 20 or the singles charts. The music site offers you the flexibility of watching your favourite stars totally uninterrupted(free from all the hosts) . The music site is a legal way to watch music unlike using pirated versions .

It not only the music enthusiasts but also the music companies that have realized the potential of the internet as a great marketing tool for promoting their music. You can not only watch music videos but also rate music videos. This would be useful to the other members in making a decision on their watchs and also provides a good feedback to the music companies about the choices or preferences of the fans.

The music site thus, provides you access into a whole world of music and music alone where you are the King. You can decide as to what you want and bring it home at just a click. You can then listen to the music of your choice or watch music videos at your own convenience and even rewind and see your favourite music videos over and over again. The world of music is now waiting for you to explore and soak in all that you can. Just log on and at the click you can venture into this beautiful melodious world and be lost in the tunes and rhythms of your favourite stars.

The Music Box Gives Old Sounds New Life

The Music Box Gives Old Sounds New Life

For generations the unique sounds that emanate from the music box have filled rooms with warmth, and soothed babies to sleep. Long before there were radios, or compact discs, cassette tapes, or even records, the music box was the source of music for most people. Unlike pianos or other conventional musical instruments, the music box was automatic and required no skill to play. All one needed to do was wind it up and enjoy the sounds it produced. Centuries later we have many more ways to enjoy the sounds of music, yet the music box still maintains its popularity to this day.

The music box first gained popularity in the 19th century. Today, in the 21st century, the basic form and function remains unchanged from the earliest versions. Most music boxes produce sound by striking the teeth of a metal comb with pins that sit on a revolving cylinder. The teeth of the comb in the music box vibrate after being struck and produce a specific tone, just like the strings in a piano. The cylinder in the music box is often wound up by hand in order to put a spring motor under tension. In other versions the music box may require the user to crank a handle attached to the cylinder in order to operate it, while modern variants may even be battery operated. But no matter how they operate, the sound has remained the same throughout the centuries.

The music box is still popular and widely used today. While some play the classical songs and lullabies like the boxes of the past, others play more recent and popular songs. The traditional box shapes still exist, but many now take other forms. Figurines of various shapes and sizes are often the face of today’s music box. Each music box can be custom ordered and many suppliers offer thousands of songs and styles from which to choose. But the continued popularity of the music box has not diminished the demand for the older styles. Antique and collectible music boxes still fuel a thriving market where it is not uncommon to find models still selling for thousands of dollars.

The dainty and unmistakable sound of the music box is something we all recognize. It is likely that we were first introduced to that sound during our first few days of life. Perhaps that explains their enduring appeal. The music box is an audible connection to our past as individuals, but as a people as well – playing unchanged melodies that have been with all of us for centuries, and will stay with us for centuries to come.

Digital Music

Digital Music

Where there is a celebration, there is music. Where there is music, there is joy. The simplicity of music therapy to create joy or other moods is one of the easiest ways of controlling the mood of yourself, of a party, of a nightclub or of a concert. Musical tempo can create different brain wave states from increased energy to calmness, to relaxation to the higher genius states of super memory and accelerated learning.
One of the greatest challenges in Life, as Human Beings, is to gracefully direct our energy levels at particular times of our artificial 24 hour cycle, we call a day. How to get ourselves motivated to feel awake & accomplish conscious activity, then relax ourselves to regroup & sleep, as well as the awareness states in between, to achieve the levels of knowing, bodily ease & learning memory, without too much artificial help is the daily challenge we all face. The Studio’s 7 THEME songs are all designed at 7 various tempos for 7 different brain wave states of consciousness from BETA to THETA.
Digital Music presents the light hearted musical mottos & messages of goodwill and enjoy & use these songs to practice joyously peaceful patience if it goes astray. These songs are designed to increase the graceful harmony within the individual, through the awareness of joyously peaceful patience, so the individual may have the privilege of creating more constant graceful harmony in their personal daily life, to enable them to share graceful harmony with others & our environment.
Dr. Julie invites everybody to be nourished in Spirit, mind & body – by GETTING IN TUNE with the natural creative, phi harmonic flow & pattern of Life with the help of the “The Living Riches of the Wealth of Harmony.”
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