Trump Declares Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain” The Greatest Music Video Of All Time

One of the more amusing and unexpected turns in recent history is the fact that, somehow, Axl Rose is woke. His Twitter presence is often a funny and aghast series of reactions to the goings-on in our country, and he’s clearly no fan of Trump. (One of many examples: GNR’s “Live And Let Die With Covid 45? T-shirt from earlier this year.) It turns out, however, that Trump is seemingly a big fan of Axl’s.

Last week, Trump played “November Rain” at one of his rallies. As it goes with such situations when Republican politicians play the work of well-liked musicians, we can likely assume this was not sanctioned and the band, or at least Axl, would not be very happy about it. But apparently Trump’s been gearing up for this a long time. He loves “November Rain.” In fact, he apparently thinks it’s the best music video of all time.

As Bloomberg’s White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs pointed out on Twitter, there’s a passage in Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ new book addressing Trump’s supposed love for “November Rain.” In between complicated situations with North Korea and some infamous tweets, Trump apparently talked about wanting to add “November Rain” to his rally playlists, made his case for the video, and then forced everyone to watch it in the Oval Office.

In addition to like, everything else, have you ever stopped and thought what goes through this fucking guy’s head about these rally music picks? Like, is “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” just a very passive-aggressive bit of trolling? “November Rain” might be cathartic but it’s also … an elegiac power ballad. Then again, it makes complete sense that Trump would love this kind of mad coked-out excess. Anyway, it’s not exactly an original thought and not that I want to give Trump any credit for being right on anything, but “November Rain” is indeed one of the greatest music videos of all time and you can revisit it below.

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