Stories & Songs: Al Stewart & The Empty Pockets City Winery Livestream

Though it may be challenging for some musicians to navigate the “new normal,” some iconic artists are doing just that! British singer/songwriter Al Stewart and stalwart of the British folk revival, most famous for his 1976 recording of “The Year of the Cat” and 1978 follow-up “Time Passages,” has accumulated a mesmerizing repertoire. In addition, he has performed with the likes of Alan Parsons, Richard Thompson, Rick Wakeman, Tori Amos, Jimmy Page and Laurence Juber. Imagine how these illuminating personalities may have informed Stewart’s lifelong trajectory! 

Even more recently, that versatile Chicago band, The Empty Pockets, who have performed countless times with Stewart, have had front-row seats to the tales that accompany much of his impressive set list. 

To that end, City Winery will live-stream Stories & Songs: Al Stewart & The Empty Pockets on Saturday, July 25th 2020.  The vivacious Empty Pockets will be shown performing a series of legendary Stewart songs, and related material, from the Chicago City Winery stage, sans a live audience; Al Stewart will recount the magical stories behind those well-crafted songs from his very own home. 

*All photos © Philamonjaro

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