Excelsior Accordion

Excelsior Accordion

Established in New York in 1924, the Excelsior Company has long been serving the market with great accordions. The company considered expansion of their production and sales in 1948 and since then, excellent sound, quality and fine look of the Excelsior accordions have been appreciated all over the world. It was in fact noted in one of the resources that the greatest popularity of Excelsior accordions was reached after the Second World War as they became a “must” for any big orchestra with Charles Magnante and Art Van Damme as a few among the many popular accordionists who prefer Excelsior.

As commonly claimed, all of the professional models of Excelsior accordions are very prestigious instruments. The selection ranges from the top-quality 960 (922 in button), highlighting tone chamber or cassoto and five sets of reeds that appear both in treble and bass, to the lighter 911 with 610 in button that is recommended to folk and modern music players. Aside from that, there was the glorious AC, popularly known as “Continental”, which has long been deemed as the one of the best accordions ever made in all times. Specifically, this model boasts its hand made sets of reeds in treble and six in bass, tone chamber, and lightest keyboard. It is these features which sets the Excelsior Continental the most appreciated by jazz and classic music lovers.

On the semi-professional side of Excelsior accordions, it is worth noting that all of the Excelsior accordions under this category are deigned and crafted according to the same quality standards applied to professional accordion manufacturing. It also covers a wide range of models which generally offered matches to any requirement that the forthgoing students or experienced amateur may have.

Just recently, Excelsior proudly introduced their new Conservatory series that is composed of six new mid priced convertor accordions. This particular series of Excelsior accordion was actually produced after many years of cooperation with teachers and professionals as well as by using only the quality materials and skilled craftsmen. This series is now well-known for its superb tonal quality and elegance that are coupled with its reasonable price.

The Excelsior accordion company today goes ahead in its tradition of quality and prestige, but all of their products are still crafted with selected materials and in accordance to the best traditional craftsmanship approaches as well. As you may know, to own an Excelsior accordion these days is like owning a prestigious instrument and following the path of the best accordion players of the past and present.

Visiting Stone Mountain Park, Georgia

Visiting Stone Mountain Park, Georgia

Source: Flickr

Stone Mountain Park, located in the suburbs of bustling Atlanta, Georgia, is a 3,200 acre family oriented theme park centered around the wondrous natural rock formation that is the largest exposed piece of granite in the world.
This natural wonder is amazing in itself, but the Stone Mountain carving is one of the main attractions to visitors.

The Confederate Memorial Carving on Stone Mountain is an extremely detailed depiction of three Civil War heroes, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson. Carved into a space on the rock that measures about three acres and is 400 feet above the ground, the Stone Mountain carving is the largest high elevation sculpture of its kind in the world.

Stone Mountain Park is open year round and is one of the most popular family attractions along the eastern coast. A parking permit gives you unlimited access to Stone Mountain’s activities, including 15 miles of hiking trails and the infamous Stone Mountain laser show, displaying 40 minutes of fascinating lighting synchronized with a variety of popular music.

An all inclusive pass to Stone Mountain Park includes access to all of Stone Mountain’s attractions, including the unforgettable Summit Skyride that offers a close view of the Stone Mountain carving and a variety of shows, from animals to story telling, that will entertain the entire family. For an additional charge, you can “Ride the Ducks”. This reservation-only Stone Mountain attraction is an experience like no other! Take a ride through the park on a converted 1940’s military vehicle and test the capabilities of this amphibious DUKW with a dip in Stone Mountain Lake.

Stone Mountain is a perfect day trip for those in the Atlanta metro area, but visitors from further away will need plenty of time to explore the park so overnight accommodations are conveniently located in and around the park. Schedule a relaxing family vacation at the historic Marriot Stone Mountain Inn inside the park or take in a luxurious weekend of golf and pampering at the park’s Evergreen Marriot Conference Center.

If your ideal Stone Mountain vacation is more adventurous, load up your camping gear and visit the largest family campground in the area, the Stone Mountain, Georgia campground. There are 247 sites with water and electrical hookups, perfect for your Coleman dome tent or your folding camper, as well as 147 fully equipped sites for RVs. If you’re looking for a more primitive camping adventure at Stone Mountain, there are 47 primitive sites at the Stone Mountain Campground.

Besides the diverse outdoor activities available at Stone Mountain, including boating, fishing, hiking, and bicycling, the unique attractions like the classic riverboat cruise and a fun-filled five mile train ride, and the family pleasing shows with amazing animals and classic stories, Stone Mountain Park is also home to great southern cuisine and one of a kind handcrafted gifts.

From on the go chicken, pizza joints, and hotdog stands to casual lakeside dining and hearty southern style buffets, there are several restaurants within Stone Mountain Park to satisfy every taste. If unique Stone Mountain gifts and wares are what you’re looking for, watch as local crafters create gorgeous candles and transform fragile glass into breathtaking blown glass sculptures. From handcrafted leathers, classic toys, and woven fabrics to old fashioned candies, traditional souvenirs, and savory peanuts the shopping is just as varied, and as enjoyable, as the many other Stone Mountain, Georgia attractions.

Exciting Information Regarding The Digital Music World-For Those Of You Who Are Not Yet Familiar

?Exciting Information Regarding The Digital Music World-For Those Of You Who Are Not Yet Familiar

Digital music has totally swept over the entire nation, replacing any of the older ways of listening and enjoying our most favorite tunes. It can be found from many different sources but one of the main types of digital music is enjoyed through listening to an mp3 player. With an mp3 player you will have the ability to store all of your favorite songs and enjoy listening to them anytime that you would like, no matter where you are.

Music is something that pretty much everyone loves, there is simply no doubt about that. It has been around as long as you could possibly imagine and having the ability to listen to it from many different sources is truly incredible. I actually know people that still enjoy listening to their favorite tunes by turning on their eight track players, yes, those things are very old. Then we had cassette tapes, which were awesome at that time. Those were replaced by CD’s, which most of us still love listening to, no doubt about that.

However, with an mp3 player we can now enjoy carrying our music anywhere that we go and will actually have up to thousands of songs to choose from because of its small compact design and ability to store a great deal of songs because of its memory. Most people choose to add extra memory to their mp3 players, so if you have not yet done so you should definitely consider doing so because it will allow you so much more space to enjoy your most all time favorite songs.

Digital music is truly an incredible thing and the options of listening to music has really grown, which is fantastic for every music lover out there around the world. For those of you who enjoy traveling, having your wonderful mp3 player is really a great thing. It is entertaining and can really make any kind of trip much more enjoyable, there is no better way to pass time or entertain yourself as it is when you are getting to sing or hum along to your favorite most awesome songs of all time.

Thanks to digital music we now have so much to choose from when it comes to having and listening to our music. If you are interested in purchasing something to enjoy your digital music, you will have no problem whatsoever finding exactly what you are looking for, rather it is purchasing it on the internet or right down the road from where you live at your local music stores.

Enjoying digital music is really something that most families have been getting accustomed to for quite some time now and music is definitely something that most families can enjoy listening to together or if you have different taste in music you can all listen to your own style right from your personal mp3 players or other sources that play your digital music for you.

baby boomer years

baby boomer years

The Stories behind the Years of Australian Baby Boomer

After the World War II (1945), the women and servicemen of Australia returned home. Their life that was interrupted for almost 6 years of conflicts during the war was resumed. The population revolution then started after nine months where childbirth rates surged more than 4 millions Australians.

These people born from 1946 to 1961 are called baby boomers. During this period, there was also an increased migration of Europeans to Australia. These forces are combined thus it changed Australia in the mid of the twentieth century.

The 1950’s were considered the new arrival age. A new market was represented by baby boomers. Their needs were met quickly because of the wartime technology advances combined with innovative economic optimism.

The first audio recording was released in the early 50’s known as Long Playing recorded using vinyl discs. In 1955, Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley was released in the market. The younger generation have known rock and roll and accepted it as a new and unique music.

Australian bands started to play new music. Johnny O’Keefe and Cole Joye were the top artists at that time. T-shirts and blue jeans became the fashion of teenagers mimicking movie stars in America like Marlon Brando and James Dean. Comic books rise to popularity as the youth’s literature. Hula-hoops twirling became the favorite pastime of children. The word juvenile delinquent was first read on newspapers describing baby boomers. However, most baby boomers in this era represented a big change to the older generation.

The 1960’s are marked as the coming age. After eighteen years of existence, baby boomers were hooked on the music of “The Beatles”. In 1964, this pop group from UK toured around Australia selling out frequent mobbing and shows. Young people controlled the culture. Rock and Roll became the music’s mainstream although ‘square’ parents don’t like it.

Australian bands also hit the music wave. The first Australian band “The Seekers” released their recording reaching sales of one million copies. The controversy made by Jean Shrimpton shocked Australia when she came to watch the Melbourne Cup wearing a mini-skirt. Since then, wearing mini-skirts became the most popular fashion.

Baby boomers also brought great changes in politics. In 1963, Charles Perkins, an aboriginal activist led protestors throughout New South Wales to expose the Aboriginal Australians discrimination. They were restricted to enter pubs, public schools, and cinemas in rural places. The National Liberal government was forced to make a referendum changing the constitution in favor of the Aboriginal people.

The people power in 1970 shut down Melbourne metropolitan because of succeeding moratorium marches in opposition of the Vietnam War. This was followed by the popularity of alternative lifestyle and hippy culture.

The 1970’s were the age of power. The adult population of Australia from 1962-1972 increased by approximately three million when the baby boomers reached the voting age. The Australian conservative form of government was challenged by the baby boomers radical ideas for many years. Gough Whitlam, leader of a charismatic labor became a candidate for Prime Minister. He authored the “It’s Time” slogan having policies that will obtain the votes of baby boomers. It includes free education on a university, laws on anti-discrimination for Aborigines, and withdrawing Australian soldiers from Vietnam. He declared that the solution to juvenile crimes, vandalism and drugs is not moralizing or repression but rather the creative energies of the youth in a concerned and creative energy.

The 1980’s onwards were marked as the period of ageing boomers. Radical streak were tamed by baby boomers to settle down in enjoying comfort and wealth as they reach middle age. Many boomers are represented in the bracket of people with higher income. “Generation Me” was the name given to them. Mark Davis, an Australian journalist states that baby boomers continuously dominate the Australian culture. Other groups had the difficulty of initiating change because baby boomers comprise the highest percentage in the entire population of Australia. They prevent new younger cultures to thrive in the conservative values and classic rocks.

Baby boomers economically represent bigger future challenges. As they get older, they will continue to distort the non-working population of Australia like they have increased the working population from 1960 to 1970 putting higher strain on hospitals, pensions, and aged care.

Linking Music To The Heart Of A Child

?Linking Music To The Heart Of A Child

Music is powerful and persuasive. It touches one’s emotion, motivation, creativity and relaxation. It has the soothing effect that can calm our mental nerves. It inspires you to do something new and productive. It gives you ideas. It lulls you to sleep. The list is definitely endless.

Music is many things. It makes us happy, annoyed, melancholic, afraid and mad. Music is also for every one. It invades almost anything and everything. Different milieus have their own music to recollect. Various races and continents also enjoy distinctive music. Young and old alike take pleasure in it.

In every stages of life there will always be music for it is perpetual. In fact, there are unique types of music that caters to specific group of individuals. Rock and metal music cater to hyperactive music enthusiasts. Love, acoustic and pop songs blend well with lovers and emotional persons. For kids there is the children’s music.

Children’s music can give kids a magical experience. They can play roles with it. For a moment, they can be a pretty princess with a castle or a dashing knight in shining armor. They can simultaneously play musical instruments. They can dance and sing.

Music is entertaining most especially to children. Thus, even at the very young age they must be exposed to music. By doing so, kids develop their sense of adventure and discovery.

Aside from that, they can be knowledgeable about children’s music lyrics. They can also develop the basic languages.

Children’s music can also be treated as therapy. Application of children’s music can treat some physiological and psychosocial elements of illness. Treatment is aimed for the acquisition of non-musical behavior by virtue of systematic musical methods.

Studies have proven that children with developmental delays and learning disabilities like Down’s syndrome respond to music. Thus, exposure to music can boost response and expression. As a result, individual expressions and talents like singing and dancing can be discovered.

Children’s music treats developmental delays and learning disabilities by drawing out movements. The latter develops self-awareness which can easily be manifested. Examples of these movements are gripping the beater, tapping a triangle, playing cymbals and drums and the likes.

The relationship between children’s music and movement cannot be overemphasized. The rhythm of music creates the ideal stimulus that results to coordinated movements. These movements lead to repetition which is a mode of child learning.

Aside from entertainment and therapy, children’s music is also a special kind of education. It develops the cognitive skills of children. Exposure to music stimulates learning about colors, numbers, shapes and parts of the body. As a consequence, though may not be the primary goal, it increases the child’s intelligence.

Stimulation of cognitive abilities leads to multi-sensory development. The latter contributes to the ability of a child to retail information and be attentive to detail. As a result, the child becomes confident and clever.

Children’s music can also develop the child’s social skills. Usually, musical experiences are done in groups. Participants can sing in unison or one after the other. With this process, every one is encouraged to participate thus participants eventually become closer.

Children’s music can be so powerful that it can develop both the intrapersonal and interpersonal aspects of a child. It simultaneously augments functional abilities at the same time the expressive and creative capacities of a child.

Playstation 3, Your All-In-One Media and Gaming Center

Playstation 3, Your All-In-One Media and Gaming Center

Most people who buy gaming consoles today are really just looking for one thing, playing games.
Sure we know that consoles have done plenty of stuff besides playing games for a long time (DVDs, music, etc…) but when it comes down to it, you don’t really think of the other things a console can do when you’re shopping around. This is where the PS3 stands out when you compare it to other consoles, it’s a great gaming platform and it has tons of features beyond what you might expect from your average game console. The PS3 is literally an entire media and entertainment center on top of being a gaming console. Here, let me give you an idea of what it has to offer:

The Playstation 3 has hands down the highest quality video capabilities out of any of today’s consoles. It has a built in Blu-Ray/DVD player and that’s just for physical video discs. The Playstation 3 also has a massive internal hard drive with 20 GB on the low end of earlier models and up to a whopping 320GB (upgradeable, mind you) which means you’ve got plenty of space for digital downloads of movies, music videos, game trailers, and any other video content you can think of. Add to that the ability to stream online media through Netflix and sites like YouTube and you’ve got a one stop shop for all your movie needs.

Another great function the PS3 has in its arsenal is its connectivity with other devices. Your PS3 can connect to any PC or laptop on the same network which means you can stream any digital media you have on your computer’s hard drive through the PS3 onto your TV. Music, movies, photos, you name it. If you have a computer (or multiple computers) with media on it on the same network then you can stream it straight through to your TV. The PS3’s media playing and streaming capabilities pretty much replaces the need for any other media devices, leaving you with more space in your living room and more money in your pocket.

Besides having tons of non-gaming media, the Playstation 3 is at its core, obviously, a gaming system. However there’s a lot more to the games the Playstation 3 can play besides its standard Playstation 3 software. Through the Playstation Network, you get access to literally hundreds of digital titles available for download and a library of games that is expanding every day. Sony has released information that they will be expanding into the territory of indie games, giving PS3 owners a chance to try the all kinds of new and upcoming games from a wide variety of independent publishers and companies. If you’re a classic Playstation fan then you’re also in luck due to the PS3’s backwards compatibility to PS1 games. So if you’re looking for a console that does it all and then some, then your best bet is the Playstation 3’s wide array of features and its comprehensive gaming experience.

Buyers Guide To Electric Guitars

Buyers Guide To Electric Guitars

Live rock concerts were the rage in the 70’s and they are still the rage. The essence of rock music does not just lie with the lyrics; it also lies with the electric guitar and the various sounds that it can produce. There are so many kids across the block who would give up anything to play like Ritchie Blackmore, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour, John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Kirk hammett, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page etc. These men are not just some of the best guitarists of their times, they are legends.

Now if you are interested in learning how to play the guitar then the first thing you will need to buy is a guitar. Most people start with an acoustic and graduate to the electric guitar. It is quite difficult for anyone to choose the right electric guitar since there are hundreds of models and several brands out there in the market. If you are buying an electric guitar then you will need to also buy amplifiers, pick-ups, pick, tuner etc.

Electric guitars are available in a lot of variety, colors, and designs with the aerodynamic designs being one of the most popular. Don’t go for the first electric guitar you see. You need to look around a bit and check out the prices and models before you buy one. In fact, one of the best ways to choose a guitar is by the brand or by the style. Here’s our take on the four important styles:

This certainly is a show stealer and has a typical style. The most famous is the red and white color combination, which was extensively used by Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits. The Stratocaster is from Fender and has a neck bolted to the guitar body. Apart from this, it has double cutaway sides, 22 frets accompanied by a tremolo system or the wammy bar and three single-coil pickups. Fender designed the first Stratocaster in the early 50’s. Some of the popular designs include:

1. Fender Deluxe Stratocaster: approx $600
2. Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar in Rosewood: Approx $1200
3. Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar in Maple: Approx $400
4. Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar in Rosewood: Approx $600
5. Fender Stratocaster Eric Johnson Signature model: Approx $1800

The Telecaster is another creative instrument from Fenders. It is more than just a guitar it is a complete orchestra. It is a solid body electric guitar and comprises of dual pick-ups. The first Telecaster was manufactured by Leo Fender in the 1940’s and has a single cutaway body. It doesn’t have the tremolo or wammy bar but has two different single-coil pickups. Some of the popular Telecaster models include:

1. Fender American Telecaster HS guitar: $900-$1000
2. Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar: $400-$500
3. Fender 63 Telecaster Relic Solid Body Electric: $2500-$3000
4. Fender 72 Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar: $700-$800

Les Paul
This is a classic guitar that has been designed by Gibson. The salient feature of a Les Paul’s is its set neck construction, which means there are no joints or bolts. The body is a single cutaway and rounded. It is equipped with two humbucker pickups as well as a raised scratch-plate. If you want to play distorted sound then the Les Paul’s will provide you with a varied range of such sound. Some of the legends who use the Les Pauls include Eric Clapton, Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and Slash (ex-G’N’R). Some of the famous Les Paul models include:

1. Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar: $3000-$3500
2. 1959 Les Paul Standard Guitar: $5500-$6000
3. Les Paul Vintage Mahogany Electric Guitar: $700-$800
4. Les Paul Classic Electric Guitar: $1800-$1900

Gibson is one of the greatest brands in music and all their guitar models are classic and can’t be compared to any. Gibson was actually started in 1902 by Orville Gibson and has been responsible for giving the world some of the best acoustic and electric guitars. Some of the famous models include the arch-top Gibson L5 model, the ES-150 electric, Gibson Explorer, Flying V etc. Some of the legends who have played a Gibson or are still using it include Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Ace Frehley (KISS), Frank Zappa, and Toni Iommi (Black Sabbath) to name a few. Some of the popular Gibson models include:

1. Gibson Flying V Electric Guitar: $500-$600
2. Gibson SG 61 Classic Electric Guitar: $1500-$1600
3. Gibson Faded SG Special Electric Guitar: $550-$600
4. Gibson Explorer Pro Electric Guitar: $1100-$1200

These are the best brands in electric guitar. The other aspects that will help you to pick up a guitar include fretboard, the pick-ups, and the body. Full-bodied guitars are normally preferred as they can produce some of the best sounds that you will ever get to hear.

Goo Goo Dolls Tickets – Buffalo Alternative Rock Continues To Expand Its Reach

Goo Goo Dolls Tickets – Buffalo Alternative Rock Continues To Expand Its Reach

Lawrence Westbury
Source: Flickr

Most people would be surprised to learn that Goo Goo Dolls tickets have been on the market and available for more than 20 years.
However, this is an alternative rock band with serious staying power, and the biggest reason for this prolonged stardom is the fact that their sound remains fresh, and their innovative approach allows them to stay relevant to their millions of fans and other music lovers around the world. A look at their history should provide some insight as to how they’ve managed this long-term success.

Early Beginnings

The band came together in Buffalo in 1986, and their name was derived from a random magazine advertisement. They played local clubs for a time, and released their first album with a short-lived independent label without much commercial success. The band eventually expanded their horizons, and ultimately got to play a gig in Los Angeles.

It was this performance that got them noticed by a larger record company, and this led to their first big-time album release in 1987. However, their innovative sound was not immediately recognized, and their first album was widely panned by critics. The Goo Goo Dolls temporarily earned the moniker of “Replacements wannabes.”

The band played on, however, and continued to hone their sound. This development led to acceptance on both the college radio scene and with the underground punk world, as their style was much more hard-edged than the classic “alternative” rock of the time. They were also becoming known for their energetic live shows, and Goo Goo Dolls tickets were becoming quite popular on college campuses and in punk rock clubs across the country.

Commercial Success

The band continued to cut albums, and a few singles from their next released hit the charts. However, it wasn’t until 1995 that the band hit the mainstream market with their release of A Boy Named Goo, which went double platinum, and made the band a household name with rock and roll fans around the world. Their next release in 1998, Dizzy Up the Girl, went triple platinum and showed the world that the band had continued to develop their sound from their unique foundation.

Overall, the Goo Goo Dolls are anything but an “album mill,” as their focus always has been on live performances and impromptu jam sessions, which is what the band members credit with their innovative sound. Their experimentation has led to many songs and albums that have experienced a huge amount of success, and even now they continue to hone their style.

If you’ve never used Goo Goo Dolls tickets, you’re missing out on a night of true musical talent at its roots.

Blues Brothers DVD

Blues Brothers DVD

The Blues Brothers is a cult movie, a musical comedy that blends classic soul music, car chases and charismatic characters. There are many imitators but there’s nothing to beat the real thing. Fans can collect Blues Brothers DVD versions and there are plenty to choose from.

The film was released in 1980 and directed by John Landis. The two main characters were played by Dan Aykroyd as Elwood Blues and the late John Belushi as his brother Jake. The plot begins with the release of Jake from prison and his attempts to reform his old band to raise money to save the Catholic home for orphans, where he and Elwood were raised. The brother’s characters were expanded from Saturday Night Live sketches. A Blues Brothers DVD gives an opportunity to re-live the comic moments and music from the supporting cast, including James Brown, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin.

The band, fronted by Aykroyd on mouth organ and vocals and Belushi as lead vocalist, brought out an album titled Briefcase Full of Blues after their appearance on Saturday Night Live and before the movie release. The original band line up featured some well known musicians, such as Steve Cropper on guitar, a former member of Booker T and the MGs. The drummer was Willie Hall, who had played drums for Isaac Hayes band, the Bar-Kays.

In 2005, the 25th Anniversary Edition DVD was released. The two discs show the original release and the extended one that included previously cut scenes. The director had been ordered to cut his film and he was pleased to have it restored. Dan Aykroyd introduces the film and there is a documentary about the making of the movie. There is also concert footage of the band from the House of Blues in San Diego. Other extras include footage from impersonators singing songs from the movie. Another earlier Blues Brothers DVD was released in 1998, called the Collector’s Edition. This too showed the director’s cut.

The Best of the Blues Brothers DVD has footage of the band performing live and appearances on Saturday Night Live by Belushi and Aykroyd. There is also a documentary made in 1992 and an interview with Aykroyd as himself and in character as Elwood. The Blues Brothers DVD 2000 shows the film in widescreen format and has bonus material on the making of the movie. It also contains a theatrical trailer, promotional posters, photographs from the set and cast and filmmakers notes.

Piano Lessons For Adults

Piano Lessons For Adults

Most of the adult population can play enough of a musical instrument to rattle out a tune of some sort, even if it is just a TV theme or a few bars of an old classic. Furthermore, playing an instrument well is something most of us long for, but for whatever reason, we choose not to fulfill our desire. There are a range of excuses: you’re too old, you’ve no time, you can’t learn at your age. They are all just excuses, and by overcoming these unnecessary barriers, you too can take up an instrument and improve your skills beyond the very basics.

The piano is known as the mother of all instruments, and is one of the most versatile and celebrated instruments in the world. Most of the worlds’ favorite classical pieces have been written or adapted for the piano, and it is a necessary skill for many degree level music courses. Indeed, when it comes to teaching musical theory, there is no better instrument than the piano. It really is easy to see why it’s a popular choice for those taking up a new instrument. As adults, we tend to shy away from situations outwith our comfort zone, and this is certainly the situation with taking piano lessons. From having total control over every aspect of our lives, it can feel frustrating and patronizing to take direction from another adult. However, by dedicating the time to practice, and taking heed of the instructions given, anyone of any age can learn to play the piano.

Why not check in your local area for piano tutors? Chances are there will be a few classes and private tutors in your area which you can sign up for to improve your skills. Alternatively, why not investigate online piano lessons? Over the last couple of years, technology has advanced to allow feasible real-time online piano lessons. This might also be a significantly less costly version of receiving expert tuition which you can digest in your own time, and revisit to overcome problem areas.

Whatever your age, and musical experience, you can learn to play the piano with effective music tuition. By dedicating the necessary time and effort and by adopting a good attitude towards practice and theory, you can see a marked improvement in no time, and can learn to impress your friends and yourself with the highly-satisfying ability to play the piano.