Models, Music Artist, Photographers and Entertainers Internet Marketing

Models, Music Artist, Photographers and Entertainers Internet Marketing

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Models, Music Artist, Photographers and Entertainers

I am hoping you are creating online visibility strategies to help you increase your presence, gain a fan base, get work and eventually turn all these into revenue.

Back in the day it was very difficult to market people unless you had a big marketing budget. But now with the Internet you can market yourself to create revenue before you become a famous model, actress, musician, hip hop star, personality or fashion photographer
Many of you know me as Trent Partridge (Radar my basketball name) the photographer. But I have a dark side (Darth Vader) Trent the Internet Marketing Consultant. One tough task I have is getting words ranked in the top 20 in Google, Yahoo and MSN. Search Engine Optimization takes a lot of work because search engines are always changing their algorithms. But I do have over 5000 words ranked in the top 20 in the search engines. I also have had over a million screensavers downloaded(viral marketing) and handle $50,000 plus a month in pay per click advertising. Pay Per Clicks are the advertisement in text on the right side of the search engines. I am also completing a book called Internet Marketing for Models, Music Artist, Photographers and Entertainers.

I create long term Internet Marketing Solutions for companies and individuals.

I do get mad at my entertainment buddies who do not try to work their own website, MySpace or Yahoo Group. These 3 different type of website can create great opportunities.

First you have to recognize that you must gain a fan base. Do not have users come by your website and not try to grasp their email address in some capacity. Offer a newsletter, free exclusive pictures, screensavers, wallpapers, ringtones, memberships or an autographed picture giveaway.

Go to Walgreen’s or CVS and print a few pictures for under 30 cents. Then have a free autographed picture giveaway. For under 75 cents(mail) you can gain fans that can be worth way more than that in the long run. Big companies like Dell, Wal-Mart and Amazon use a cost per customer acquisition formula to figure the cost to gain a customer. We know that if you mail 3 autographed pictures to fans(future customers) at 75 cents you have the ability to have an incredible low low low customer acquisition cost.

Remember this formula Fan = Customer = Revenue. While the castings, touring and gigs are not happening and you are at home chillin jump on the net and get fans.

If you are model, music artist, photographer right now and are not planning to sell a calendar DVD, t-shirts, hats, autographed pictures, CDs, a CD of Pictures, ringtones etc.. then you need to rethink your strategy. These are very basic ways to earn income. I am not saying it will cover your mortgage, car payment and health Insurance, but any money helps even the richest man would say that.
I often trade services with entertainers to help them and myself create better product or content to sell.

Please use the Internet as a tool to gain customers. Do not put a website up and think that casting agents, A&Rs, directors and your friends come to it alone. Users love to see people who are talented and enjoy viewing beautiful models. Pictures. So take advantage of the looks or talent that your were born with to generate money.

Feel free to contact me at anytime. I am the man when it comes to marketing. I have bought to many programs and tested every theory, postulate and hypothesis in the online marketing field. Once my book is published Internet Marketing for Models, Music Artist, Photographers and Entertainers, the world will know who is one of the top Internet Marketers in the industry.

Always contact me if you want to create a synergistic relationship. I am always working with models and artist to help move their careers and mine. If you don’t mind next time I will tell you how to get your own name ranked in the search engines and a few link strategies

Trent Partridge

A Brief History Of Ipod

A Brief History Of Ipod

iPod is a digital mp3 / mp4 player developed and marketed by Apple Inc., an American consumer electronics multinational corporation. During their research, Apple found that in comparison to available camcorders, digital cameras, and organizers; digital music players recorded poor sales, primarily due to their awful user interfaces. Apple wanted to do something about it and so Jon Rubinstein, Apple’s hardware engineering chief brought together a team comprising of Tony Fadell (who dreamed of a hard disk based music player), Michael Dhuey (hardware engineer), Jonathan Ive (design engineer), and Stan Ng (marketing manager). In less than a year, they designed a hard disk based music player, that had a 5 GB hard drive and capable of storing 1000 songs.

Apple’s iTunes software is utilized to operate the iPod (m3 / mp4 player). The software is compatible with all Mac systems. The operating system is stored on its hard disk. A boot loader program is contained in a NOR flash ROM chip (either 1 MB or 512 KB) which instructs the device to load the operating system from the hard disk. The iPod has a 32 MB of RAM, a portion of which is used to hold the operating system from firmware, and the rest is used to cache songs from the hard disk. Apple also invented a technology whereby the hard disk of iPod could spin up once and about 30 MB of upcoming songs could be cached into the RAM. This did not require the hard disk to spin up for every song and thereby saved battery power. Apple also introduced a Windows version of iPod, at a later stage.

The audio files that iPod (mp3 / mp4 player) supports are MP3, AAC/M4A, Protected AAC, AIFF, WAV, Audible audiobook, and Apple Lossless audio file formats. MIDI and WMA files can be played only after a convertor accomplishes conversion, for non-Digital Rights Management (DRM). Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, and other open-source audio formats are not supported at all.

Apple wanted an extremely user friendly interface and thus adopted the minimalist interface, which features only five essential buttons, namely, Menu (to access functions and to toggle the backlight); Center (for menu item selection); Play/ Pause (this also works as an off switch when held for few seconds); Skip Forward/ Fast Forward; and Skip Backwards/ Fast Reverse. An additional Hold button is provided for accidental button pressing prevention, and it can reset the iPod if it has frozen or crashed. Functions such as volume control, scrolling are handled by the usage of the rotational click wheel. Later models have some minor changes in the functions of the buttons but overall the number of buttons has remained at five.

To market this path-breaking mp3 / mp4 player, they needed a suitable futuristic name and so they hired a freelance copywriter, Vinnie Chieco, and other writers to give a name. Inspired by the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and the dialogue “Open the pod bay door, Hal!” with reference to the context of the Discovery One spaceship and its white EVA Pods, Vinnie Chieco proposed the name of the product as iPod. The management of Apple accepted the proposed name and on 23 October 2001, the iPod was officially launched. The rest they say is history.

To enable customers to access songs of their choice, Apple opened up an online media store The iTunes Store on 29 April 2003, where individual songs could be downloaded at prices less than a U.S. dollar per song. The purchased songs can be played only on iPods. Subsequent versions of this iPod (mp3 / mp4 player) also featured video capabilities, and thus iTunes Store started selling short videos from 12 October 2005. From 12 September 2006, full-length movies were also available at the iTunes Store.

iPods have come a long way from their inception, and now the latest fifth generation iPods possess multimedia capabilities and are available in both Mac OS and Windows OS versions. Usually, if a new iPod is plugged into a Mac OS computer, then the hard disk of this mp3 / mp4 player is formatted as per the HFS+ file format, and if it plugged into a Windows OS computer, it is formatted as per the FAT32 file format. From being a digital music player, the iPod has now transformed into a digital media player.

Music Downloading and MP3 Players

Music Downloading and MP3 Players

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What are they and how do they work? Here are a few thoughts on the subject of Mp3 players.
MP3 is a compressed music file. It is an encoded wave file and has almost the same sound quality as an audio CD. The size of the file is much smaller allowing more room for music.
They are legal when the song?s copyright holder has given permission to download and play the song. You can legally encode MP3’s for personal use but it is illegal to trade or distribute MP3’s without permission from the song?s copyright holder.
There are sites you can join for a fee. Some sites require a fee per download and by doing this you are legally downloading music.
Almost any kind of music is available for the MP3 player. Look around at various sites and decide which one is best for you. You can review the sites before joining and see which one fits best with your musical tastes and budget.
Try one of these sites: NetMp3Music, has good music and movie sources or Real Rhapsody which is completely legal and has a free 14 day trial. Napster has been redone and features over 1,000,000 legal downloads. Other choices are MP3 Advance or FileSharing Center.
When it comes to MP3 players you also have many choices. Some of the top players are: Apple iPod MP3 Player, Creative MP3 Player, Philips MP3 Player, iRiver MP3 Player, Dell Pocket DJ, Dell DJ 20, and Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox.
It is very convenient to own an MP3 player because of it?s size and the quantity of music that can be stored. You can arrange the music for work-outs, meditation, running or any other activity that you want. An MP3 player helps you to eliminate songs you don?t wish to have from a CD. You can choose one song from a CD or six, whichever you like and in any order. There are many songs that can be downloaded from the internet and added to your collection.
If you love music and want to be able to take it with you conveniently, check out the MP3 players, there?s one that right for you as well as legal downloading sites you will enjoy.

Your “Not To Play” List, (What To Do When You Really Hate The Macarena)

Your “Not To Play” List, (What To Do When You Really Hate The Macarena)

Robin Hood Youth Orchestra
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In today’s era, there are thousands of music folders available to whoever that makes of djing a source of his income.
With so many options, the question arises, What music selection do I want for my wedding? And, why so many weddings still resort to the same old tunes?

As far as my experience is concerned, I can say that everyone wants their wedding music to be remembered as “fun”. Now “fun” has many connotations. First of all, you will have to determine what “fun” means for you and your partner. Once done this, you have to objectively consider how many within you guest list will agree with you on that. You might be surprised of the result! Now you will also have to consider what their impression of “fun” is. A good percentage of couples realize that by inviting Uncle Ed and Aunt Betty from out of town, they will have to cater a complete selection of music that they hadn’t even thought about in the first place, and more surprising even, that they probably hate and had already agreed as a pick on their “Not To Play” list.

During the course of one year I have been sitting down and conversing with at least 50 couples on regards their music planner. It’s interesting to realize that the majority of couples under 32 years of age, when asked about specific titles such as Macarena, Chicken dance and/or Y.M.C.A., will consistently reject them, arguing that they are too “Overplayed”, “Tacky”, “Boring” and other negative adjectives. As a professional I want to give the right impression to my clients and always agree on writing off these songs. I do this in front of them so that it is clear that I agree on their decision. However, I also always ask them about the possibility of their relatives requesting said titles. In many occasions their attitude changes, realizing that their family and friends are making a trip to their wedding and it might be probably selfish, if not rude, to stick to a list of Hip Hop or Techno that his or her side of the family will be totally unacquainted with.

At this point you might be freaking out to the possibility of having to listen to some music selection you really hate. Now my suggestion is that for as long as the song you don’t want to hear reminds you about bitter memories of the past (which happens often with Romantic/Slow jams), or it is offensive in lyrics, innuendo or speech to the general audience or to a particular individual, you should let the Dj play those songs. As a music engineer, he will try to wait and build up the spirit that conduces to those songs and blend them in the middle of a set that most people will be dancing to. Personally, I have seen that the majority of the times even the Bride and the Groom end up hopping around the Chicken Dance or the Cha Cha Slide. Don’t forget that once alcohol, atmosphere and mood kick in, people will dance to almost anything. And interestingly, it is precisely these songs that usually take the crowd to the next level. They have been designed for this purpose and they can really accomplish it. You don’t need to have Michael Jackson dancing skills to perform Y.M.C.A.; your 50 year old auntie will feel identified with it; if there are children in the crowd they will feel more compelled to go to the dance floor and share, etc. So yes, now you can realize that these songs are meant to do silliness, to break the ice and to motivate the crowd as a whole. It is also more interesting to realize that these are exactly the moments of the WHOLE evening your guests will remember the most, because crowd activities are what we fondly appreciate.

On a last note, I urge you to remember that weddings are in essence a show. Your guests expect to be entertained. That is why you are arranging a dinner for them. Not because they can’t afford to get one themselves, but because even dinner is part of making them feel welcomed and entertained. You want to share this occasion with all of these people, and by making them feel as comfortable as possible you are also addressing the notion for them to stick around a bit longer after dinner and participate of the dance floor and share with you and have fun. And in every party there is always a time when silliness kicks in. And that is exactly the time when the Pour Some Sugar On Mes show up, and people do silly things. And everyone laughs and have fun. Your guests will most probably forget everything about the cake next day, but they will certainly remember this!

How to fake being a better guitarist in five simple steps PART 1 of 2

How to fake being a better guitarist in five simple steps PART 1 of 2

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You spend five hours a day playing your guitar.
You run your scales, master your legato, your two hand tapping would make EVH blush. So why is it that every time you see a band playing at a bar with a guitarist with only a smidgen of your technical ability he is the centre of attention, garnering the praise of all the punters in the crowd?

Wait a minute. Isn’t that the band that you tried out for the other week? The same band that said “don’t call us, we’ll call you”? The same band that was witness to your smoking 32nd note Lydian masterpiece solo?
Yeah it is, and you got smoked because the guitarist on stage knows how to fake being better than they actually are.

It’s not a hard thing to do. I should know, I’ve done it for years. I’m the first to admit to being an “average” guitarist (actually, I’ve been practicing a lot lately and now would call myself an “above average” player, but that is another column in the works). Despite being average, I would get a lot of people, drunken punters, other musicians, women, all approach me after shows proclaiming how good I am. Like most of my ex-girlfriends, I’ve been faking it all along. And now I am going to teach you how to do the same.

Over the next two weeks, I will share with you my five secret tips to help you Fake Being A Better Guitarist. We’ll start today with tip #1 an #2.

1. Decent equipment is a must and look professional

Sorry boys and girls, it’s time to spend some money. A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to music your image is worth a thousand notes. There is nothing quite as satisfying showing up to a guitarist cattle call with your Marshall half stack on a trolley as you pass all the little Peavey Bandit combos and the like. Straight away you give the impression that you know what you are doing.

But this is not just about your amp. Guitars, effects, leads, the whole lot. This means guitar cases, if you have multiple effects a decent pedal board system set up and ready to just plug in. You need to look somewhat professional without looking like a complete tosser.

It’s even more important on stage. Standing on stage with a nice looking guitar and a cool backline is confidence building to say the least. Plus it makes you look damn sexy to boot.

This doesn’t mean spending a fortune though. I have an amazing sounding Fender Twin, but it stays at home while my Marshall AVT150 half stack hits the road with me. The half stack with my Epiphone Les Paul with classic tri-tone sunburst finish and some decent threads make me look the business.

2. Learn to sing

I can’t stress this enough. An average guitarist who is an average singer will get more gigs than an awesome guitarist who sounds like a dying dolphin. It makes you are more versatile, worthwhile musician for any band if you can step up to the mic and sing as well. It makes you look like a musician, rather than just a guitarist. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun.

Of course, some people just cannot sing, and this is you then don’t try to. Be honest with yourself on this one. If you can’t sing and you try to then you just look like a fool. And looking like a fool will not make you look like a good guitarist.

A good way to improve your singing is start singing along with your favourite artists. It’s a cliché, but start in the shower / bathroom with a small stereo cranking out some of you favourite songs. The natural reverb will make your voice sound better and give you some confidence (it’s an old studio trick to feed a wet mix back to the singer as they are recording). Then progress to the car while you’re driving. It’s private and you can just belt it out while you are in between your normal routine. Then the hard part comes. Listen to some music with harmonies and try to sing the different parts. I found Alice In Chains is especially good for doing this. And finally add harmonies to songs that don’t have them.

When you are confident you can do that, then, and only then, try to sing when you are playing. When you can do that (and that will take a while) you can start to think about doing it with your band.

Wrap Up

So there are the first two tips, looking the part and learning to sing. These two things alone will make you look more like a real musician and come across as a real guitarist. Remember that being a guitarist is more than just playing well, it is a persona, a way of being. By rounding out these other facets of your guitarist personality, the way others will perceive you skills will rise dramatically. Next week I’ll look at the next three tips and by then you’ll be able to fake it just like that guitarist on the stage.

The best music of all time

The best music of all time

After the rain...
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I will start with a simple question. Do you like music? I am not going to wait for the answer, because I already know it. Everyone loves music. But there are all kinds of music. And this pose my second question. What makes a good song? Is it the melody or the lyric? Or maybe the mood, production, arrangement? The answer is somewhere in the middle. I started with these questions, because today’s music seems to lack one of the important ingredient: the feeling. If I was to answer those question by today’s standards, the main and sometimes only ingredient for a good song is monotony. Nobody is making music because they feel it. It’s all about the money.

I’m looking at mainstream rappers and all they seem to talk is money, riches and so on. Where is the love in that? And the sad fact about that is that they are role models for our kids. What are the moral values our children will learn from this violent music?

I am not going to throw rocks at nobody – I love hip-hop music, but when I look at these new music stars, it’s like I’m having a bad deja vu. The same girl/boy singing on the same synthetic melody, with the same simple rhythm and the same background dancers. Think about it! The actual music often seems to lack creativity and the songs sound very similar. How can a synthetic melody inspire passion? It’s just like trying to smell an artificial flower. It might look like the real thing, but it’s just not.

So, let me get back to the second question, and I’ll tell you why I love old music. What makes a good song? I don’t really know that, but I can tell you why a song is great. Because it reminds me so vividly of past relationships, holidays, parties, friendships, terrific and sad times alike? In signing off on this list, I feel as if I’m leaving for a trip having spent three minutes packing. If I I’m going to be stuck on an island for the rest of my life, my only choice will be a stereo and 100 best songs of all time to keep me company.

I don’t need anything else. Only the best music of all time, for me, time and time again.

The iPod Convenience

The iPod Convenience

Native Musician 2
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A New Compact Way To Listen To Music

The small and smart iPod music technology is here and it is busy changing the way people listen to tunes. The first mobile device to listen to music came out in the 1980’s when people were seen walking the streets with big boxes beside the ear on the shoulder. Though not very good to look at, these boxes were nevertheless very popular. The iPod has evolved from this big box and not only is it small and convenient, but it is cute as well. It has already become hugely popular. This gadget, working much like a computer is able to store songs by the thousands when they are downloaded from the computer. The storage capacity is enormous so there is no need for the CD’s and cassettes.

Carry The iPod Music Everywhere You Go

Mobility is a major advantage of iPod music technology. Just make a unique installation to your car stereo and you can listen to the iPod music as you drive too. Or you can carry it to your gym and listen to your music while you are working out. An abundance of music can be stored on the iPod so that it can give a much needed lift to the listener when exercising rigorously and to keep one focused and energetic. Planning to go on a holiday or a business trip? Carry your iPod music with you and listen to your music while you travel in flight or in a car. When you are traveling in a group and listening to the radio not all will like the music that is played. But with your music on your iPod and a pair of headphones, you can listen to exactly what you prefer, and not disturb the anyone else.

With the iPod, there is no need to buy compact discs anymore. And anyways, if you are a music lover you may end up spending too much in CD’s, and they also get damaged from scratches. Alternatively, just visit a few websites online and at a minor cost for each song, download all the iPod music you need. Or you can also get a few CD’s and download the songs into your computer and transfer them to your iPod. A product of cutting edge technology, and the sound system of the speakers in iPod headphones can be superior. The price of the iPod music is going to vary though depending on where you download. It is very convenient, and will not hamper your activity. Perfect for the music lover on the go.

Utilize A Music Search For Your Wedding

Utilize A Music Search For Your Wedding

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A bride-to-be has a full plate when it comes to making decisions and narrowing away options for her special day. If you are about to be married, then you know all about the potential stresses of wedding planning. Who knew it would be so hard, right? With so many details to organize and so many elements of your wedding day to make special, it is hard to keep track of everything that is important. One element of great weddings that is often overlooked is the music. A ceremony and a reception are never complete without a great selection of wedding music. Doing a music search or two can be the best ways to find great tunes.

I love helping brides plan every detail of their weddings. It is what I do for fun and it is also my job. I love helping make weddings extra special by adding little touches that are often overlooked by a busy bride. The music is one such element that is often thrown together at the last minute. I encourage all my brides-to-be to do a vast music search to come up with music choices for both the ceremony and the reception.

Doing a music search can seem overwhelming to brides, but it doesn’t have to be. While there are many places that a bride can do a music search, I always encourage a bride to start with going through her personal CD collection to begin the music search. Why? It’s simple: because all of your CD’s represent the music you love most, so why not do a music search through your albums and see what kind of great tunes you can find for your big day. You will come upon some of your favorite songs that you haven’t heard in years but that will be perfect for wedding ceremony or to dance to at your reception.

Another great source for a music search is through the CD’s of your close friends and family. Gathering music this way is a great method to ensure that you are choosing music that is already listened to and enjoyed by people. There is nothing worse than getting to a wedding reception and knowing none of the music. So do a music search through CD cases and I guarentee that you will come up with a lot.

If you are still in need of more good music, do a music search online. There are many great sites to sample music and to purchase songs for a minimal fee. You can round out your wedding music collection by visiting an online music search or two.

Take your time. Find great music. Everyone who attends your wedding will love it.

Sing Your Favorite Karaoke Songs At Your Next Party!

Sing Your Favorite Karaoke Songs At Your Next Party!

Lil Bo Weep
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Are you looking for a fun way to add some life to your parties? Karaoke is an activity that people of all ages really enjoy doing. Your guests will look forward to your next party once you tell them they can sing their favorite songs while they are there. There are plenty of different karaoke machines you can purchase and many of them are very affordable.

The words of the songs will be scrolling on the karaoke machine or across your TV set depending on the type of set up you have in place. A microphone allows the voice of those singing to be amplified and that is very exciting. Most karaoke machines come with several tracks from which you can choose to sing. You can also buy additional ones to give your guests more of a selection of songs.

There are some excellent software programs you can purchase to burn karaoke songs offer of the internet. This is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to increase the number of songs you have to offer to your guests. If they find something they really like they will be more likely to join in the fun.

You can have a karaoke contest at your party as well. If the party is for children you will want to have a prize ready for each child to take home just for participating. For adults and teenagers you can offer great prizes for different categories including best voice and the most original performance.

Don’t think that your karaoke machine is going to remain stored away in between parties either. Chances are your family will have so much fun with it that members will use it regularly. They may just want to have some fun or they may want to improve their sound for the next karaoke party.

Take your time to compare the various types of karaoke machines available and the music for them. You want your party to be a huge success so give guests something they will really enjoy being a party of. It is a good idea to set up the karaoke machine in advance and practice using it before your party. This way you won’t be fumbling around with the equipment and holding up the entertainment.

It helps if you have a sign up sheet where guests can write down their name and the selection of the sound they want to sing. You can print out sheets of the song titles and artists for them to review as well. You can make a spreadsheet on your computer so you can continually update it as you add new material.

Regardless of the type of party you are hosting, you can bring a smile to the face of everyone there with karaoke. Make sure you offer a wide variety of songs since everyone has their own taste in music. If karaoke night at your house becomes a regular routine you can even ask your guests if there are particular songs they would like to hear. This is a great way to have fun without spending very much money for your event.



HAVS w/ guest, STMBLZ of EZ Clique
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Reggae is a type of music that started out in Jamaica. It has spread all over the world now though and many people find it quite enjoyable. Reggae is most commonly popular with those from about 25-40 years of age. Yet older and younger individuals can enjoy it just the same. Many clubs offer reggae music for people go listen to and to dance to. There are also concerts that take place at various venues on a regular basis for this type of music.

One of the main reasons why reggae is so popular is the rhythm that is underlying the music. It features a slow tempo and a very soothing sound at the same time. In addition to the wonderful sounds of the music, the lyrics add a great deal of content to the overall songs. They cover a spectrum of topics just like any other form of music does. Many of them are common themes that can apply to any period of time and to people in various stages of their live.

Reggae has been known in the world since about 1967 and it was quite popular for a few years. Even though it was pushed aside by other forms of music that were more trendy, reggae has survived all of those changes. Many believe it is because reggae has something more to offer than just something that the culture will embrace for a while and then pass over for the next new thing that comes along.

Some individuals tend to confuse reggae with the blues. They tend to lump both types of music together. While they do influence each other, there are many differences in the types of music that are created. In fact if you listen to various types of music you will find that there is some reggae style in both rock and roll and hip hop. These types of musical sounds tend to overlap in places and take the best from each other.

There are many types of instruments that are essential to a quality of reggae music. They include drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, the trumpet, and the saxophone. A reggae band is often made up of many members in order to have someone playing all of the instruments. There are also a couple of people that do nothing but sing the lyrics of the reggae songs.