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The New Formula for Success in the Music Business

The New Formula for Success in the Music Business

Hardly anybody in the music business understands that the old formula of how to successfully promote a new act is obsolete. The record companies are all aware that there is a big problem but they have no idea what the solution is. What they do understand is that they are unable to recoup their investment in studio time with a good producer, the cost of a good video, the advertising budget, and the cost of the first promotional road tour from the profits on a first hit CD. An act must be capable of repeating and sustaining their initial success in the studio in order for a record company to make a profit because the necessary investment has increased dramatically. Ever since the mid 1990’s the record companies have become painfully aware that there are no acts containing songwriters who can keep on writing more hit songs. All the new acts since the mid 1990’s have one, two, maybe three good songs at the most, and any person who’s purchased a CD since that time will testify to that. The record companies also know that MP3 downloading on the internet is a factor that has negatively affected their profits. Put that together with their inability to find sustainable new acts and you have the two main reasons why so many record companies are losing money. The ones that are not losing money are the ones that have a library of popular artists from the past who continue to sell. The record companies now understand that the internet is the new communications medium, it’s here to stay, and they are all trying to figure out how to take advantage of it. Their pattern has always been to watch the numbers, analyze the trends, and then try to jump on board and ride the wave for as long as it lasts. If I told them what the answer is to the problems they face, they simply wouldn’t know what to do with the information.

The new formula for success is to have the right factors in place first, and then to use the internet’s full potential to bring the artist to the attention of the entire world.

Step 1: In order to create a hit record it is necessary to have a hit song. So what is a hit song? It’s a song that is so blasted catchy that after hearing it one time people cannot get it out of their minds and they will spend money to own the CD. The best producer cannot produce a hit record without having that kind of raw material. My old friend Gary Kelgren said it best – “You can’t polish a turd”.

Step 2: In order to create a hit music artist on the internet, of course it is necessary to have one or more hit songs that have been properly produced, but it is also necessary to have a “hit web site”. So what is a hit web site? Obviously it’s one with thousands of “hits” per day but that’s not the point. The point is that in the same way that a hit song works for a listener, a web site must grab a net surfer’s interest within the first 5-10 seconds and hold their interest long enough for them to find the hit songs and listen to them. But it should also contain entertaining content for people to read and enjoy because a good web site is a much more complex form of entertainment. The best web sites are the ones that have great creative writing and cannot be digested in one sitting, so people will keep coming back for more entertainment. This kind of web site cannot possibly be designed by a web site design professional because real creative and entertaining writing is not for sale at any price. That means the successful artist of the future needs to be more than just a musician in order to take full advantage of the new medium because the web site needs to reflect the artist’s personal expression, and nobody can do that except the artist.

Step 3: Creative internet promotion. The new formula for success may not even require an advertising budget for proper promotion of the web site in order to achieve thousands of hits per day if the promotion is creative enough. But the two previous steps are absolute prerequisites for success in the new medium. A money-losing promotional road tour will be pointless and unnecessary until a large audience is developed by building an internet fan club and selling enough CD’s to warrant a road tour that will turn a profit.

The new formula also contains the potential for making the old costly distribution networks obsolete because purchasing directly over the internet could eliminate the necessity for retail mark-ups and thus maximize profits for all concerned. The Recording Industry Association of America has the correct statistics on what music is actually selling as opposed to what is being played on the radio and what the record companies are trying to market. They list The Beatles as the best selling act/artist of all time with 166.5 million albums sold in the USA alone. They list Elvis second with 117.5 million units sold, Led Zeppelin third with 106 million units sold, and the top 25 are dominated by classic rock acts including The Doors, The Stones, Pink Floyd, The Eagles and many others. I think it’s very significant that those statistics are becoming geometrically times greater than the number of albums that they sold during their performance lifetimes. What has happened and is happening is that the young people of today are discovering them in droves and buying their music. Traditionally, the record buying public has always been young people between the ages of 12-25 and those demographics have not changed. What this means is that the potential for profit in new classic rock and roll music is beyond calculation.

The History of Salsa Dance

?The History of Salsa Dance

Salsa dancing has a very distinct dance style. It has a pattern step style encompassing six steps that are danced over eight counts in a musical beat.

Salsa is the combination of many cultural genres including Afro-Caribbean and Latin sounds.

Although the exact origin of salsa cannot be interpreted, many believe that Cubans created this explosive dance style that has won the world over. It is in this place where Contra-Danze or “country dance” of England and France later known as Danzon that was brought over by the French who had fled from Haiti. Their experience with the French music traditions and the distinctive drum beat influences of Rhumbas of Africa and partner dance style helped influence the development of the very distinctive salsa style of music and dance that we are all familiar with today.

However, regardless of who originally founded salsa, it’s collaborative cultural flavor of Afro-Caribbean and Latin influences have been successful in making it one of the most popular dance and music styles recognized all over the world.

Salsa dance moves are very distinct. Salsa moves more from side to side, putting much emphasis on turns, which are carefully synchronized with the strategic side stepping of the dancer.

Although the countries I just mentioned have helped influence salsa dance and music, several other countries have also influenced it like Columbia, Puerto Rico the Dominican, Mexico and several other Latin American countries.

Many bands from these countries took their music to Mexico City during the famous film era and then later brought their musical style to New York where it started a movement through cultures that had never heard this unique style of music, or seen this magical and explosive dance style. New York picked up salsa music and dance almost instantly which helped to promote the salsa movement but New York was also the city that coined it as “salsa”.

If you listen to salsa music carefully, you will hear influences of Merengue, Cha Cha, Mambo and several other Latin American and African musical styles. You’ll hear many of the classic old-styles built into the salsa rhythms.

Salsa’s evolution has been explosive and only continues to evolve!

Want to learn how to dance to salsa music? Learn the easy steps by visiting This is the best site on the web for learning how to dance salsa. Taught by real professional salsa dancers. It’s toxic!

My Definition of Rock and Roll

My Definition of Rock and Roll

“Rock and roll is sexual energy expressed in sound”

It all started with “Elvis the Pelvis”. Why do you think all the girls started fainting all over this country when they heard Elvis’ voice for the first time? It was because nobody had ever heard a man sing something like “All Shook Up” and it shook them to the core. Being sexy like that just came naturally for Elvis and the girls picked up on it immediately like some kind of sexual email was being sent directly into their brains! Other rock and roll stars followed in Elvis’ steps very quickly. Jerry Lee Lewis knew what to do and he got himself into a great big ball of fire with his underage lover. Chuck Berry was another natural, and he also created some serious trouble simply because he was black and the white girls went for him big time. I think that may have been the first time that the pathetic and hung up white male population had to deal with the racial sex issue at this level.

Then The Beatles exploded. It was the Elvis phenomenon again except that all The Beatles really did was sing like gods, shake their mop top heads around and look adorable, and thousands of girls got wet panties at the very same time. The effect was enhanced by their memorable simple love songs because those young girls who were coming of age and dreaming about falling in love connected on the emotional level too. At first all they needed to write was “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “Please Please Me” and millions of girls wanted to please them and hold something of theirs. The sexual message in their music was often very subtle but Ringo’s driving beat made them want to get up and shake it all around.

Mick Jagger was another natural, just like Elvis. Right from the beginning, “The Lips” knew how to give and get Satisfaction and he followed that up with a long series of balls to the wall hits with strong sexual messages like “Play with Fire, “Live With Me” and the all time classic musical expression of sex, “Going Home”. Strangely enough, it wasn’t Mick who actually got all the girls into bed, it was Bill Wyman, the Stones’ bass player. In his autobiographical book Bill told all, and his groupies totaled in the thousands. He never made it clear in his book exactly why that happened to him and not the same way to Mick who must have gotten and still be getting whoever he really wants to have. But it did happen and all Bill ever did was stand there completely still and play his bass guitar looking sort of sad and forlorn. There simply has to be a logical explanation for Bill’s success, and I think I know what it is. (Don’t ask, I won’t tell).

Not much needs to be said about that most powerful sexual dynamo, Jim Morrison, who told all the girls to “Come on Baby Light My Fire” and before fainting dead away, they did whatever he wanted them to do. I’m not sure how many net surfers understand what “Back Door Man” is all about but the song itself says “the men don’t know but little girls understand”. Enough said on that one.

And then came Jimi Hendrix. The pun is intended. Jimi had to have been the sexiest black musician of all time and few girls didn’t want to be his “Foxy Lady”. They actually used to line up outside his dressing room backstage and Jimi would come out and choose one or more at a time. He was another one who simply couldn’t help himself, although he did understand exactly what he was doing and why. Later on in his career he stopped his sexy performance on purpose because he was a serious musician who wanted people to appreciate his playing and his songwriting for being as creative as it was. He felt that his sex show was getting in the way of that kind of appreciation so after the Experience broke up, he pretty much stood still playing with his eyes shut because he didn’t even want to see the girls out there anymore.

I believe the best example of sexual energy expressed in sound is Led Zeppelin. Whenever they played live Jimmy Page seemed to stagger around the stage as if he was drunk, but he wasn’t drunk. It was just that the hurricane of sexual force that blew out of his amp was too much for even Jimmy to withstand. Now I’m sure that most people are aware that rhythmically beating drums awaken the sexual forces. Africans were despised and envied by white people because of the sexual way they danced to their own drum music. John Bonham, who was unquestionably the best rock and roll drummer who ever walked the face of this planet, pounded his drums with such power that Led Zep’s sexual energy increased dramatically. Irresistible sexual energy in their music is only one of the many good reasons why I say that Zeppelin is the #1 Rock and Roll Band of All Time.

Hip Hop Radio Stations, The Source To Know

?Hip Hop Radio Stations, The Source To Know

Sure, you can listen to hip hop radio stations to hear all the hip hop music that you want, but this is also the perfect location for much more including interviews, information about artists, and finding concert information as well. Throughout the radio waves there is an increasing amount of hip hop radio stations. And, whether they play hardcore rap or if they play a combination of hip hop and pop, you can really turn to these stations for much more information.
Hip hop radio stations offer the best of hip hop. There is no doubt that people can tune in to hear 50 Cent’s latest or to find out when he’ll be in concert. What is great is that you can count on hearing a wide range of information including new artists as well as the older artists with new songs and their old. And, with so many people looking for this type of music in this type of setting, there just seems to be quite a few hip hop radio stations happening.
But, they offer more than just music. In many cases they are full of more information about the hip hop world than you can find almost anywhere else. By the time hip hop magazines hit store shelves, the information is already old. Instead of waiting to hear it there, simply turn the dial. Now, we are talking about what is happening with the artists at any given time as well as when concerts are who will be interviewed next and even political topics that set the artists off. If you want to know their view and need an inside look, you can count on getting it from the hip hop radio stations out there.
Of course, you probably tune to your favorite hip hop radio stations to find the latest and hottest hip hop on the radio. But, you really can gather a wealth of information from these radio stations as well. To find out what is out there, check the websites featuring them as well as other hip hop websites.

Strawberry Alarm Clock

Strawberry Alarm Clock

By the mere mention of its name, you might think that it is another time instrument that takes a shape of a fruit. Sorry to burst your bubble but it is not. Try asking your parents and they will surely know what is Strawberry Alarm Clock. Once a hit wonder psychedelic rock band from Los Angeles in California, they were strongly identified for their 1967 hit entitled “Incense and Peppermints.” The group consists of lead guitarist Ed King, keyboardist Mark Weitz, drummer Randy Seol, bassist Gary Lovetro and rhythm guitarist Lee Freeman. The vocalist, Greg Munford, who sang their most famous track was only 16 years old at that time. He was not officially part but just friend who lent his voice.

In the late 1967, “Incense and Peppermints” by Strawberry Alarm Clock was in the number one spot on the Billboard Pop Singles Chart. After the roaring success, George Bunnell was added before they made their first long phonograph by that same year. Some of their compositions were penned by Steve Bartek who later participated Oingo Boingo. It was a critically recognized American new wav rock ensemble. He played the flute on the debut album but was not able to be much active because he was still in school.

There were a lot of changes in the memberships of Strawberry Alarm Clock. Bassist Gary Lovetro left before the release of “Wake Up It’s Tomorrow” still in 1967. Their single “Tomorrow” did not really climbed high in the musical arena. Their only other top 40 appearance reached number 23 in the early period of 1968. However, they trailed with more long phonograph in the following such as the launching “The World In A Seashell” in 1968 and “Good Morning Sunshine” in 1969. Due to their audience not having been able to appreciate them that much as compared to before, they slowly began to fall apart. There were a lot of attempts for them to be back together but come 1971, they finally ended their career together.

Strawberry Alarm Clock was seen in films such as “Psych Out” in 1968 starring Academy award winning actor Jack Nicholson. They performed several such as “Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow” and “The Pretty Song From Psych Out.” Two years after, they appeared in Russ Meyer’s camp classic “Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls.” Lead guitarist Ed King joined Lynyrd Skynyrd which is described by All Music Guide’s Stepehn Thomas Erlewine as the “definitive Southern rock team that converges the overdriven influence of blues with rebellion.” In the 1980’s, several of them met once again to stage concert tours. The pioneering reunion took place when rhythm guitarist Lee Freeman found a newspaper advertisement where it promoted their act at a Los Angeles club.

Tips For Selecting Highly Collectible Reuge Music Boxes

?Tips For Selecting Highly Collectible Reuge Music Boxes

When you think of collectible Reuge music boxes, think of the best and most exclusive music boxes available on the market. But how you can be sure that you have indeed purchased a highly collectible Reuge music box? We’ll be covering how you can find and select such music boxes in this article.

Reuge music boxes are truly special items. The first creator of these fine music boxes was Charles Reuge, who handmade music boxes in a small town in Switzerland. Due to their fine craftsmanship, these music boxes spread far and wide. After his death, his son continued in his footsteps. In fact, the workshop is still there at the same address, in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland.

Collectible music boxes are hand made. The workshop in Saint-Croix in world renowned for producing some of the finest and rarest music boxes around the world, so make sure you are getting the real deal. For the music box connoisseur, it is best to make a trip to Switzerland in order to select the limited edition models that may not be sold at many stores because of their price and limited quantity. You can also ask the locals of that little town if they own any Reuge music boxes. They are likely to own some of the first and best models, maybe even those handmade by Charles Reuge himself. If you are able to acquire such pieces, you are a lucky owner of a rare and highly collectible Reuge music box.

The size of the music box and the tune are also an important determinant in a collectible. Bigger boxes tend to be harder to maintain and keep. The cost to acquire them was also high, making it affordable only to the wealthy. The tune is also important because if you had popular tunes, people would be more willing to buy it than to acquire one that plays an obscure tune especially in the case of non-interchangeable music boxes. The materials used to make good music boxes were rare and expensive, such as rose wood, which made them rather resilient to aging if well-taken care of.

Another good place to check is online specialty stores that sell collectible music boxes. If you do some research you might find a Reuge music box worth collecting. Make sure they are old, in good condition (for its age) and is limited in quantities. It’s a pretty good bet that if you have one from the early 1900s that the music box is hard to find. If you are not an expert at fixing these music boxes, make sure you have an idea what restoring a piece might cost. Otherwise, it’s a lot better to go ahead and pay the premium for a working music box than to take the risk of paying exorbitant restoration costs for a collectible music box. The price will also tell you a lot of things. Highly collectible music boxes don’t come cheap.

Reuge music boxes are items of a highest quality, so any item of any color, size or material can be highly collectible as long as the numbers of items you can find on the market are limited. In fact, at the beginning of the career, Charles Reuge hand made some limited edition music boxes, which now own a special status: highly collectible Reuge music boxes.

The best places to find highly collectible Reuge music boxes are: rare art and collectibles auctions, Saint-Croix and specialty stores.

Since these music boxes can be prohibitively expensive for most, a good strategy is to purchase contemporary Reuge music boxes. They cost a whole lot less than the rare ones and are also easier to acquire.

Collecting Vinyl Records

Collecting Vinyl Records

The demise of the vinyl record has become a statement all to common in the music industry. Vinyl records were supposed to be a dead music format a long time ago, but have persevered through many technological changes in the music industry.

In this day and age of ipods and digital downloads, where people can fit thousands of songs in such a neat little package, how has the vinyl record managed to compete; what is the allure?

Recent research reveals that teens enjoy the physical experience they get with a vinyl record and the interaction between themselves and the record. There is a certain ritual one must rely on to play a vinyl record, and much to the dismay of the digital world, the youth of the world is receptive to this type of interaction.

For some, collecting vinyl records is an obsession, a life long journey to obtain hidden masterpieces locked away in the attics and basements around the globe. For others, just owning a few selected gems from their favorite band or recording artist is enough to satisfy their collecting palate.

Then there is the thrill of the hunt, scouring the online web sites and auctions looking for a rare or collectible record for their collection. For the adventurous, there are the numerous garage sales, rummage sales, flea markets and the like, that dot the countryside in every town in America. There, they can search through the dusty boxes and bins for their the next special addition to their already growing vinyl record collection. There is almost a sense of pride, self-worth, if you will, in finding what you are looking for, if only to be satisfied for a moment, until you realize you must find another rare treasure to add to your collection.

Ever since Alex Steinweiss designed the first album cover for Columbia Records in 1939, album cover art has been highly collectible and is a part of music history. Classic album covers like the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band, Janis Joplin’s Cheap Thrills (designed by Robert Crumb), Led Zeppelins’ Physical Graffiti are iconic. Some bands enlisted the aid of world renowned artists to design the album covers and concepts for their latest releases, including the Rolling Stones, who used Andy Warhol’s idea for their album Sticky Fingers.

For some, collecting vinyl is an investment. Not only a monetary investment but a cultural one as well. Vinyl records are part of pop culture as we know it and certainly part of the rock and roll era. Preserving vinyl records, the art, the music, is a very important part of this phenomenon.

But the one thing that sets vinyl apart from all other musical formats is that vinyl records just sound the best. There is no substitute for the sound reproduction that vinyl brings to music, no digital counterpart. And for that, the vinyl record will continue to survive, if not thrive.

Electric, Classical, Acoustic – Which Guitar Is Best For You?

Electric, Classical, Acoustic – Which Guitar Is Best For You?

No one could really pinpoint the exact year as to when
the guitar was created. The lute, harp and lyre are
the three stringed instruments from which guitars
evolved. The features of guitars vary for each musical
period. The guitar is one of the most popular musical
instruments today to bring out soothing music or to
perk up one’s energy level. Bands and gigs will not be
complete without guitars. Guitars are also used as a
means to free hidden and unexpressed feelings and
emotions or it can as well be a medium to spend time
meaningfully together with loved ones and peers.
There are various types of guitars that can suit the
intended purpose of the user such as the twelve strings
guitars, six strings, classical guitars and electric
guitars. Twelve strings made up the twelve strings
guitar to achieve a rich tone compared with the
standard six string guitars. The courses of strings
are played together though the sound produced are
different from the other. On the bass course are two
strings tuned an octave apart and on the treble courses
are the other pairs of strings that are tuned together.
The third string in the third course can be tuned by
using unison strings or the distinct high-pitched
octave guitars strings. The style of standard six
string guitars can allow the user to have easy contact
on the higher frets on the finger board. This type
needs an access on the frets to produce the desired
sounds and effects.
Classical guitars of the olden days have cat gut which
later on developed into nylon strings. These types of
guitars have a flat fingerboard and wide neck. Other
guitars experts suggest that classical guitars are the
best types for beginners since it has greater string
gauge and lighter string tension but still the decision
is on the buyer since the classic guitar may not suit
their preferences and style. Classic songs and music
are best played using classical guitars.
Electric guitars are made up of different materials and
use various components to produce the needed sound.
Alder, Mahogany, Walnut, Maple and Ash are the commonly
used types for the body of electric guitars.
The woods
and the construction, the types of strings, quality of
components used, length of cables and the overall
condition of the environment determine the quality of
the sound produced. Electric guitars are used in
various forms and styles of music may it be pop,
country, rock and roll, jazz or blues.
In buying guitars, the user must make sure that the
chosen guitar will match his budget, playing style and
skills. An electric guitar is easier to play compared
with an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars can produce
audible sounds without using amplifiers. It makes use
of either the nylon or wound steel rings. There are
also acoustic and electric guitars that can be played
with the presence or absence of an amplifier.
Package deals are at times offered for beginners which
may include a guitar together with other options like a
tuner, pics, strap and case. The soundboard of the
guitars must be carefully inspected to determine the
type of sound produced. Producers of good quality
guitars are usually the well-known companies in the
industry like Taylor, Gibson, Yamaha, Fender, Ovation,
Martin and Ibanez. There are wide selections of style
and design to choose from to match the buyer’s
distinctness and uniqueness.

Is Your Child Capable of Composing Music? Maybe the next Mozart?

?Is Your Child Capable of Composing Music? Maybe the next Mozart?

We’ve all heard of them. Child prodigies who begin composing music at some ridiculously young age. For instance, history reports that Mozart was writing minuets by the time he was five years old. Amazing. At five years of age, I’m not sure that I knew the difference between my finger and my thumb and I certainly wasn’t composing music.
Now there is no doubt that the fact that Mozart was composing music by the age of five does not prove that any of the rest of us ever could compose music, but a number of studies conducted over the past fifty or so years indicates that most children can begin composing music as long as they are given both guidance and opportunity.
True, in the vast majority of the cases the end product is not going to rival anything that Mozart put out, but just because you (or your child) may not be the best there ever was at composing music doesn’t mean the attempt is not worth the effort. If we follow that reasoning why would a child learn to walk or run when he or she knows he could never walk or run as well as, say, Michael Jordan? Why would they learn to talk if they knew they could never speak as well as Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan?
Similarly, imagine if Mozart’s parents had not given him the opportunity to be exposed to music and then the formal training that gave him the tools to begin composing music. The world would be a poorer place without the input of this musical genius.
In Mozart’s situation, he began formal training on the keyboard at the age of four and within a year he was composing music – though I’m sure that it wasn’t of the caliber of his later works. In the case of the average child, however studies have shown that if given the opportunity and the education (i.e. instruction on an instrument, a little bit of music theory, etc) average children can begin composing music somewhere around the age of nine.
Give your child the opportunity and training he or she needs to begin composing music. In most cases it will develop their mind, round out their education, and give them a creative outlet. Eventually, however, of all the children composing music who might not have otherwise, the next Mozart will spring and if it’s your child, the world will thank you. And if not, at least your child has been exposed to some good music and had his or her mind stretched a bit.
I am extremely thankful that my parents had the good sense to expose me to music by way of piano lessons starting when I was about 7. And even though it didn’t “take” until I was an early teenager, when it did I had the background in music theory and technique to where I could progress rapidly from then on. And while I’m a country mile from Mozart’s class, I do well enough to enjoy my self and make a living in music.

Easy Steps To Achieve Good Search Engine Results (2)

Easy Steps To Achieve Good Search Engine Results

Does your business website not have the traffic you expect? It’s possible that your website lacks search engine optimization, which refers to a collection of strategies to improve your website’s visibility on web searches for words related to your product or service. Read on to learn how search engine optimization can improve your website’s visibility.

Search engine optimization is all about text, especially fresh text. If you are having trouble on your website, you might consider setting up a blog, which will constantly have fresh content and will draw the spiders in, causing your site to get many more hits because you are constantly sharing a wide amount of information.

Make sure your keywords are both relevant and specific to site content. A tag containing a more generic keyword phrase (i.e.: Classic Rock Music) will face very heavy competition in the SERP, where as something more specific (i.e.: Rolling Stones Music) will likely get your higher up the list. A higher ranking is one way to increase traffic to your site.

Double check that your pages don’t appear to have duplicate content, even if they seem different to you. Run similar pages through a uniqueness calculator, and make sure they are get at least a 50% grade. Search engines will penalize you if they believe you are repetitively posting the same content on your website to attract traffic.

Trading content or links is an amazing way to get more traffic to your website. It creates additional backlinks on other sites which are already in good standing on Google, plus it generates fresh content for your website through trading articles or blog posts. These two factors can help your page rank rise dramatically!

Audit click through patterns to see how your customers end up buying (or not). There is software that will track every click visitors make. If you see that a certain page is leading many customers to a purchase, consider making it more prominent on your site and using similar language on other pages of your site.