Music and the holiday season have a lot in common

Music and the holiday season have a lot in common

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There are plenty of things to consider when shopping for a musical Christmas ornament for your collection. What are your favorite holiday songs? Do you have a sentimental favorite that makes you think of someone special? Is there a particular holiday song that comes to mind whenever you see Christmas decorations?

You also want to consider the design of the holiday tree ornament as well. While having a decoration that plays music is wonderful, it helps if the item is in keeping with the rest of the display. If you have a Victorian holiday theme you want to stick with that theme when shopping for musical holiday decorations.

Perhaps you want to adopt a music theme into your holiday decorating ideas. This is a wonderful approach to creating a sing-song atmosphere that is as attractive to the eyes as it is to the ears. There are plenty of musical Christmas ornaments that don’t necessarily play songs but they do fit into the theme.

Miniature instruments make for wonderful choices in this theme. The wonderful thing about this approach is that you have a lot of colorful options including bright red drums, shiny brass horns and silver bells. A song inspired holiday tree can be remarkably colorful and it can also fit into other themes as well.

A country theme can be embellished with fiddles and banjos. Song lovers can collect adorable vinyl record ornaments for a cool retro motif. Classical sheet music and miniature grand piano offer a traditional feel that can suit a traditional holiday theme. Some may want to simply collect treble clefts, notes and scales for their musical Christmas ornament collection.

These collections can be embellished with colorful bows and other accents that really bring out the holiday spirit. The musical ornaments serve as wonderful reminders of the importance of music during this very special time of year.

Remember that you don’t have to hear the ornaments play compositions in order to embrace music during the holiday season. You can find many wonderful symbols of instruments and tunes that are certain to inspire a song.

All About the Apple iPod

All About the Apple iPod

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The Apple iPod has been on the music scene for sometime. Users of the Apple iPod have posted many reviews through the years. iPod reviews, iPod hackings, as well as free iPod videos are posted all over the Internet.

iPod users have the following to say about the Apple iPod:

1. The Apple iPod has a hard drive that can hold more than 5,000 songs. The number of songs that can be stored in an Apple iPod is enough that users can expect to listen to a non-stop music experience using the Apple iPod. This hard drive has a forty gigabytes of space available for the 5,000 songs. The free iPod videos are also included.

2. The Apple iPod was manufactured in such a way that the control buttons are incorporated in a sleek design that ergonomically provides ease of movement to the user. The ergonomic design is called the Click Wheel.

Using the Click Wheel, Apple iPod users can now easily browse through their favorite free iPod videos. The Apple iPod users can either fast forward, play, pause or stop, and control the reverse. An added plus is the access of the menu via the Click Wheel.

3. The Apple iPod have enough battery life that coudl make it possible for non-stop playing of songs or free iPod videos. Apple iPod users are capable of the set up of a playlist of songs or free iPod videos on the Apple iPod.

4. With the shuffle function of the Apple iPod, users can choose randomly the free iPod videos they want to watch and the MP3 songs that they want to hear.

5. The Apple iPod is not only an excellent audio player but also an excellent player for the free iPod videos. The system menu of the Apple iPod is super intuitive. The sound quality is world class, The storage size is sufficient to store not only MP3 songs but free iPod videos. Lastly, the Apple iPod has an assortment of accessories available for use.

6. The Apple iPod was said to have a poor post sales service. One user of the Apple iPod claimed that he was just watching free iPod videos when the LCD screen suddenly went broke.

The service representative of the Apple iPod, however, claimed that the service warranty of the Apple iPod does not include abuse. In this case, it was decided that it was abuse and the Apple iPod was now beyond warranty.

7. The Apple iPod also has a clear lineage of the warranty. Several users of the Apple iPod claimed to experience weird things on their iPods after the termination date of the warranty.

Below are some of the faulty events that user of Apple iPods experiences:

a. The Apple iPod is claimed to be skip-free in playing free iPod videos, but after the warranty period, it started skipping free iPod videos.

b. The Apple iPod is claimed to have a long life battery, but after the warranty period, the battery was constantly experiencing shortage in power especially in playing free iPod videos.

c. The Apple iPod is claimed to have a robust hard drive, but after the warranty period, the hard drive of the Apple iPod usually fails.

8. The Apple iPod was also reported at one time or another as having a software bug or design flaw. Music tracks or free iPod videos being played are meant to be skip-free and to flow continuously from one track or video to the next. The Apple iPod, according to some users stalls for even a single moment between tracks.

9. The Apple iPod is said to be the best in MP3 audio playing. Users, however, pray that Apple would try to improve the video playing capability of the iPod such that playing free iPod videos would not be a hassle. Making the video player more perfect would definitely boost the sales of the Apple iPod.

10. The Apple iPod is also said to be susceptible to static. Some users reported that the Apple iPod could easily affected by static when put inside a coat pocket. Static caused the Apple iPod to switch off suddenly at times. This has an effect to the overall circuitry.

Josh Groban: A Bright Career

Josh Groban: A Bright Career

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Born February 27, 1981, Josh Groban was an acting student at Carnegie Mellon University when he was offered a recording contract by Warner Brothers Records. His high school years were a combination of general studies mixed with arts training. Mentored by Grammy-winning, producer and director, David Foster, Groban tasted the music business with turns at the 1999 Grammy’s and the 1999 Governor of California Inauguration.

Groban’s first album, produced by Foster, was largely classically influenced. He worked with Sarah Brightman in 2000 on her La Luna Tour and was featured on her La Luna Concert DVD. Groban made some of his first national showings by appearing in many benefit performances. He appeared with such greats as Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Don Henley and Robin Williams in the Andre Agassi Grand Slam Event For Children, and in honoring Michael J. Fox at the Muhammad Ali Fight Night Foundation event. He also appeared in the 2001 Family Celebration hosted by President Bill and Hillary Clinton and producer/director David E. Kelley and actress Michelle Pfeiffer.

Groban’s 2001 work with David E. Kelley led to a performance on the season finale of Ally McBeal and a role in the 2001/2002 Ally McBeal season. His 2001 self-titled debut album went double platinum within a year of its release. Since his debut, Groban has been busy in the music industry. He performed with Charlotte Church at the 2002 Winter Olympics, with Sissel Kyrkjebo at the Oslo, Norway Nobel Peace Price Concert, and in 2003 at the Vatican for a Christmas performance with music masters Lionel Ritchie and Sting. He has also performed with Celine Dion, Nick Carter, Yolanda Adams, Enrique Iglesias, and Barbara Streisand. Groban released his second album in 2003 entitled Closer and his third, Awake, in 2006. Groban continues to have a strong presence on the Billboard charts and appeals to a wide market.

Download Music Onto Iphone

Download Music Onto Iphone

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Downloading music to your Iphone may be a little easier than you first think- all that’s needed is a computer, an Internet connection, and of course an Iphone!
For those of you that have already owned Ipods, the procedure is pretty much identical, but for those of you that don’t read on to see how it’s done.

First of all, before you can download music to anything, you need to decide where you want the music to come from. If it’s from cds that you already own, you can copy it to the hard drive of your computer without too much bother, but if it’s music you intend to download, most often you’ll find it’s in the correct file format already.

If you decide to go the CD route, the first thing to do is decide on the songs you want, and then go about the task of pulling the songs from the CDs and saving them on the computer. This process is known as “ripping”. You’ll find that most computers built within the last 5 or 6 years will be able to perform this task with no problem, although you may find it easier with a newer model as it may enable you to do all the CDs in one shot, instead of one at a time.

If on the other hand you are tired of all your old music, or you simply don’t want to go to the trouble of transferring it across and would rather download it from the internet, this is pretty simple too. At the current time it’s not possible to download music directly to the Iphone, it needs to go onto your computer first. It’s thought that Apple will fix this with a future software update.

When looking to download music from the internet to use on your Iphone, one of the most important things is the speed of your internet connection. It can take a while to download a song over dial up, generally the faster your connection the better. If you have a slower one, it’s still no huge problem, you’ll just have to wait longer for your songs.

The other main thing you need is somewhere to get the downloads from. Customarily, over the last few years people have been having a field day getting all kinds of free downloads by using the peer to peer sites, or torrent sites, or whatever you want to call them. This can seem pretty cool, until you try it-torrent sites are pretty dangerous-hackers hang out there to try and get their warez and trojans etc downloaded by innocent users, so that they spread around the internet. Also, sites like this are pretty illegal, so if you get caught downloading anything, you’re going to get into a lot trouble. Do you want the new JZ album bad enough to go to jail?

As a happy alternative, you can now download stuff from a variety of new places, which are altogether a safer haven from hackers and spammers etc. The way it works is that you pay a one off fee, and for that you get unlimited access to their download database. The databases are usually huge, and the downloads are pretty high speed. As well as music downloads, you can also expect to get free movie and tv shows, as well as games etc. All in all it’s a pretty good deal, as you won’t usually have to pay any more than about $50, and that covers you for life.

Hopefully that article will come in useful for you.

The Lure Of The Nylon String Guitar

The Lure Of The Nylon String Guitar

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As a fan of the electric guitar and an enthusiastic player of acoustic music, I would like to share some of the most fascinating aspects of the nylon string guitar to give you an idea of the beauty of this instrument as a stepping stone for beginner guitarists or as the subject of a lifelong devotion.
Although a nylon string guitar fan can go on and on about the wonderful mellow sound and the potential for extracting new meaning from music, maybe we can focus on the more practical aspects of the nylon string acoustic like the different styles of music played on it and the advantages it can hold for an amateur or professional guitarist.

First let’s talk about the types of guitars using nylon strings. Many experts say the flamenco guitar with its dry sound is more typical of what a guitar was like before the emergence of the sonorous and lyrical sound of the classical guitar which evolved in the first half of the twentieth century. The flamenco guitar has always been common in some areas of Spain, and it is simply the musical instrument used by a family or group of friends to play the local folk music. The classical guitar was developed to play the classical style compositions which became popular in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A descendent of the classical guitar is the basic nylon string acoustic guitar you see in music stores today. It lends itself to the accompaniment of all types of songs and was made popular in the 1960’s folk boom by artists like Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul And Mary. These artists captured the public’s imagination with their songs and planted the sound of the nylon string guitar firmly in the realms of popular music.

The sound of the nylon string guitar is much more peaceful compared to the brighter sound of the steel string acoustic. Another major advantage of the nylon string guitar is that it provides musical accompaniment to songs without distracting attention from your vocals.

By the way – did you know that players of electric guitars or steel string acoustic instruments need to develop callouses on their left hand fingers? Nylon strings are generally a little kinder to your hands. You will find that your nylon string guitar is easy to tune and you can just pick your guitar up and play it at any time of day or night without disturbing anybody in the immediate environment. Also the wider fret board allows you to play chords and single notes without accidentally touching the wrong string.

Nylon string guitars are kinder to finger picking guitarists. Anybody can learn finger style guitar on nylon strings without running too much risk of breaking fingernails, plus you will be pleased at how your first finger picking efforts are rewarded by the more beginner-friendly tone of the nylon acoustic.

Now you have some idea of the attractive aspects of the nylon string acoustic guitar, I do hope you will find some time to devote to this beautiful and, in recent times, neglected instrument.

American Idol Season One – Where Are They Now?

American Idol Season One – Where Are They Now?

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If you’ve watched American Idol in the past, you may be wondering what has happened to the singers from American Idol Season One. Here is a brief look at how some of the more popular contestants have faired:

Top Ten Finalist – Ejay Day

Ejay performed along with the other finalists on the 2002 U.S. American Idol tour. He’s sang at several events for boxing champ Muhammad Ali and assisted in writing Raven-Symone’s song “Pure Love” for her Undeniable album. Currently, Ejay is performing on the cruise ship Explorer of the Seas.

Top Ten Finalist – Jim Verraros

Jim has been active in both music and acting since American Idol ended. Jim recently released his album Rollercoaster, featuring the dance hits “I Want You” and “You’re Getting Crazy.” He starred in the 2004 film Eating Out and is set to reprise his role in Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds.

7th Place – Ryan Starr

Despite finishing 7th, Ryan has been one of the busier contestants from Season One. Her single “My Religion” peaked at #7 on the American iTunes Top 100 and she plans to tour in 2006-2007. She made guest appearances on several shows and also appeared in the VH1 show The Surreal Life in 2004. She also starred in the movie Ring of Darkness.

6th Place – Christina Christian

After American Idol, Christina guest starred on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and is now a correspondent for the TV Guide Channel.

5th Place – RJ Helton

RJ Helton made the top 10 as a wildcard choice. RJ signed with Gospo-Centric Records and released an album, Real Life, in 2004, which made the Billboard Christian Top 20.

4th Place – Tamyra Gray

Tamyra had a reoccurring role in Boston Public that allowed her to sing as well. She also guest starred on Half and Half, Las Vegas, Tru Calling, What I Like About You, and All of Us.

She co-wrote and sang duet with winner Kelly Clarkson on “You Thought Wrong.” She appeared on Season Three of American Idol and co-wrote the song “I Believe” which was a number one hit for Fantasia Barrino. She received writing credit for “If You Were Mine” and “The Lover in Me” on Jessica Simpson’s A Public Affair album.

In 2004, she took to the stage with the Broadway show “Bombay Dreams.” She had a supporting role in 2005’s The Gospel and one song on the movie’s soundtrack.

3rd Place – Nikki McKibbin

Nikki signed with 19 Management and RCA Records after her American Idol success, although she is currently under contract with Astral Records. Her single “The Lie” reached #1 on the Idol Waves online radio station.

She has appeared on several reality shows, including Fear Factor and Kill Reality and appeared in the made for television movie The Scorned.

Runner-Up – Justin Guarini

After coming in second, Justin starred in the unsuccessful movie From Justin to Kelly with winner Kelly Clarkson. He secured a deal with 19 Management and RCA, but he had to wait until Kelly’s album was released before he could work on any solo projects. Because of this contractual obligation, he had to refuse a guest role on Friends, a role in The Fast and Furious, and a modeling contract for Tommy Hilfiger.

When his self-titled album did come out nine months after his American Idol success in June 2003, it flopped and he was eventually released from his contracts. His second album Stranger Things Have Happened was released in late 2005.

He appeared on stage in the musical Good Vibrations at Vassar College but declined to accept continue the role. He’s been in several independent films and is involved in many charities such as Support Music Education, Habitat for Humanity, and Children’s World Organization.

Winner – Kelly Clarkson

The most successful of all the American Idol contestants, Kelly signed with RCA and released two singles. “A Moment Like This” shot to #1 on the Billboard charts. In 2003, she released her debut album, Thankful, that certified double platinum, selling over 2 million copies. Her single “Miss Independent” reached the Billboard Top 10 and earned her a Grammy nomination in 2004.

Her second album, Breakaway, produced four top 10 singles and she won the Grammy award for “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance” and “Best Pop Vocal Album.”

She’s appeared on Saturday Night Live, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and The View and she is scheduled to headline an HBO concert featuring her greatest hits in February of 2007.

How To Slow Down Music – A Guitar Player’s Dilemma

How To Slow Down Music – A Guitar Player’s Dilemma

Queensrÿche - Michael Wilton
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Since the early days of young guitar player’s career it is clear that practice makes perfect. As simple as it may sound, it involves a lot of time, patience and devotion in order to achieve the desired results in a timely efficient manner. Guitar students are listening to a lot of songs, doing their best to train their ear by tuning their guitar by ear, listening for the notes or even singing the notes, while not mentioning the constant practice lessons required to fine-tune their guitar skills. Everybody loves to listen to guitar solos like the ones achieved by world-wide famous guitar players such as Jimi Hendrix or Joe Satriani but few can even dream of reproducing their songs at the early days of learning to play the guitar . For this reason, the requirement and method of properly slowing down music has attracted the attention of many.

Not just once has one listened to Joe Satriani – Surfing with the alien and tried to follow the amazingly fast guitar notes. Ever thought about Joe Satriani sitting next to you and singing riff after riff so that you could follow him? Hard to imagine but now this is almost possible. Even if the great guitar player will probably not be able to sing for you in particular you can now slow down music and learn note after note in order to be able to follow some of the world’s greatest guitar hits such as Purple Haze, Metallica’s “Fade to black”, A whole lotta love and Sweet Child of Mine.

The ability to slow down music and obtain the results mentioned above is now possible with your very own computer and of course some of the major songs mentioned above or practically any other complex guitar based song, according to which one you would like to study in more detail. Having this said it is clear that you can be a better guitarist from the first day of using Riff Master Pro, the Windows Vista compatible slow down music utility created by guitarists for guitarists. By considering this feature rich application you will be able to master guitar solos faster and at a much higher pace because of the instant functions which allow you to slow down music without damaging the song’s quality and without having to change the pitch, a very important aspect when applying such a process.

The magic of playing by ear is of course possible to just about anyone because of the extreme benefits brought to every PC user by quality software designed to fit exactly the most common guitar student’s requirements. While being a great utility for guitar students, Riff Master Pro has been since long time used even by some of the most veteran guitarists for testing purposes, all credentials being excellent, according to this product’s testimonials. Not only that we managed to learn to play the guitar faster, better, more but we are also now able to train our speed and ear at both beginner and advanced levels.

The benefits of a good slow down music product such as Riff Master Pro are crystal clear to both guitar players and listeners as differences in style and accuracy of musical performance have been observed in most cases.

What Currently Defines African American Culture?

What Currently Defines African American Culture?

Bad Religion - Greg Graffin
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African American culture can be regarded as both part of, and distinct from American culture. From the days of the slave trade, Africans and African Americans have contributed by means of literature, art, agricultural skills, foods, music, and language to American culture. Even before the abolition of slavery, African Americans were known for their cultural ingenuity. Although in many cases they were literally forced to adopt and mimic the traditions of their slave masters, African American slaves would still clandestinely practice their beliefs. Today, perhaps the most definitive form of African American culture can be seen through their expression of the musical art form.

The forms of music that best typify African American culture are those of Hip Hop, Rap, Blues, R&B and Gospel. Many people shrug off these forms of music as noisy garbage; however, they are in truth an expression of political, social or class discrimination of some form. This form of expression dates as far back as the slavery days when African Americans also used song composition as a vehicle of social relief. They would compose songs in their native languages that described their emotions regarding the situation they were subjected to, their slave masters and the evolution of their lives.

If one has the means to study these musical genres which define African American culture today, it will become quite evident that these songs serve as a reminder that the past and the present are clearly linked when it comes to understanding the meanings of African American music. The emphasis on language clearly illustrates how African-American communities have defined themselves and their relations to the dominant white culture in America. In fact many of the lyrics in African American music seek to investigate the relationships the white community has shared with African Americans for several generations until today.

African American music is perhaps one of the most pervasive African American cultural influences in America today and is among the most dominant in mainstream popular music. Music genres such as Hip hop, R&B, funk, soul, techno and several other contemporary American musical forms found its origins in black communities. Thus due to its popularity and perhaps even its personality, many African Americans use musical genres to define their own individuality.

Where to Find Accordion Sheet Music Online

Where to Find Accordion Sheet Music Online

Do you love music?
Looking for a free accordion sheet music on the web? If your answer is affirmative, then you’ve certainly got the right page. This article will bring you to the most trusted and widely visited sites online where you can find the available accordion sheet music that you can copy for your own purpose. Just note however that what will be mentioned here are just among the many sites online that provide sheet music for accordionists. But, I’m sure that these will be great enough for you to get started. So, read on. has long been considered as the ultimate sheet music directory on the web. This site has a listing of the most requested sheet music for accordion. Here you can find a number of links, all dedicated to providing accordion sheet music for accordion players. What’s more nice about this site is that they offer sheet music for free. Thus, you can download them anytime you want. They generally carry songs and music from all over the world.

Musica Viva is simply the internet center for free accordion sheet music downloads. The site basically features the Accordion Archive which is part of the Musica Viva collection of free sheet music. What is contained on this archive is sheet music, both in classical and traditional titles, in GIF, PDF, and ABC formats. So, if you wish to download a particular song in any format you want, then you can do so with

Here is another great site for free accordion sheet music downloads, the At this site, you actually have the chance to save or download accordion sheet music, or see their MP3 archive for recordings of the pieces and notes. Perhaps what is best about this portal is that they organize their list of accordion sheet music by two categories: the Solos and the Duets. The songs are then easily accessible through these categories. In addition, Accordion Online gives you a guide to German Bass Notation in case you need them on your play.

Finally, here comes the to give you a number of helpful links where you can find and collect accordion sheet music of your choice. This site also serves as one of the best directories online for sheet music, as they carry almost hundred of links. It is this reason basically that makes this site the ultimate choice of hundreds of accordion players. If you want to hear the tune being played or want to print the accordion sheet music now, then you can visit their digital sheet music library and from there, you can select thousands of tunes.


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Reggae is a type of music that started out in Jamaica. It has spread all over the world now though and many people find it quite enjoyable. Reggae is most commonly popular with those from about 25-40 years of age. Yet older and younger individuals can enjoy it just the same. Many clubs offer reggae music for people go listen to and to dance to. There are also concerts that take place at various venues on a regular basis for this type of music.

One of the main reasons why reggae is so popular is the rhythm that is underlying the music. It features a slow tempo and a very soothing sound at the same time. In addition to the wonderful sounds of the music, the lyrics add a great deal of content to the overall songs. They cover a spectrum of topics just like any other form of music does. Many of them are common themes that can apply to any period of time and to people in various stages of their live.

Reggae has been known in the world since about 1967 and it was quite popular for a few years. Even though it was pushed aside by other forms of music that were more trendy, reggae has survived all of those changes. Many believe it is because reggae has something more to offer than just something that the culture will embrace for a while and then pass over for the next new thing that comes along.

Some individuals tend to confuse reggae with the blues. They tend to lump both types of music together. While they do influence each other, there are many differences in the types of music that are created. In fact if you listen to various types of music you will find that there is some reggae style in both rock and roll and hip hop. These types of musical sounds tend to overlap in places and take the best from each other.

There are many types of instruments that are essential to a quality of reggae music. They include drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, the trumpet, and the saxophone. A reggae band is often made up of many members in order to have someone playing all of the instruments. There are also a couple of people that do nothing but sing the lyrics of the reggae songs.